Next Generation Arms also known as NGA is a firearm company known for its luxery civilian arms and high quality military firearms along with their refurbished classic arms.

Special weaponsEdit

NGA has made many advanced weapons with the ability to choose their users along with other weapons custom made for certain people with special qualities.

Chosen weapons.Edit

These are the special weapons capable of choosing their owner if you are not the guns true owner the gun will not operate as well as it should and will have much more recoil than normal and will jam for a lot more than usually.

  • MP7 Type L
  • Fuego(Dark Red Scar-L made to fire incedinary rounds)
  • Reaper Revolvers
  • Dark Flame(High caliaber dark red M1911)
  • Hades(Purple M4 RIS with built in napalm grenade launcher)

One of a kind weapons.Edit

Surely you can tell.

  • Crimson Rose(Sherrie's Modified Dark Flame)
  • The Grim Reaper(Jame's .700 Revolver)
  • Famine(Ragnorok's quad barreled shotgun with shells made to adminster a fast acting diesease capable of withering bones to the point where they are as weak as paper.
  • Death(Dimitri's HK416 chambered for rounds containg a much more potent anthrax disease.
  • War(Adam's SIngle action revolver chambered for rounds that cause mass hallucinasations in the victim.

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