Next Generation Firearms Manufacturing Plant


LLC, Private


Defense and Weapon Technology Advancement



Key People

Richard Blanchard, CEO/Founder
Alexa Linwood, COO/Technician
Christopher Valerei, Manager/Shop Welder


Firearms, Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), Military Equipment


823 (2089)


Superbia Enim, Libertatem, Et Sui Defensionem
(for pride, liberty and self-defense)

Next Generation Firearms Manufacturing Plant (NXT Gen. Firearms Manufacturing Plant or NGFMP) is a weapon manufacturing company owned by Richard Blanchard. The company is based in Springfield, Massachusetts and focuses on researching, developing and mass producing advanced weapon systems and platforms for use in modern militaries or PMCs. In 2043, the same year the company was founded, the company signed a contract with the U.S. Military to produce an assault rifle to compete with the XM16A5 and the XM14A3. Since then, NGFMP has worked extensively with the U.S. Military and its allies.


The founder and owner of NGFMP, Richard Blanchard, served in the United States Navy SEALs, 3rd Division and was stationed in Bosnia and Ukraine after World War III. He established the company in 2043, wanting to create safer, more soldier friendly equipment while keeping the soldier protected. He also wanted to create new and improved vehicles for the military, as well as replicas of vehicles for recreational usage. In 2043, NGFMP announced that its first products, the X1 Assault Rifle, codenamed, "Reaper" during its development, and a T14 Assault Tank replica.


Ever since the introduction of the X1 Assault Rifle, now known as the A1 Assault Rifle, and the T14 Assault Tank replica, NGFMP has produced numerous weapons and vehicles. Some examples include the A5 Assault Rifle, the A49 Assault Rifle, the C2 Assault Carbine and the M14A3E2 SAW variant. It has also made numerous vehicles, including the H-5 Helicopter, F-20 Fighter and a PzKpfw VIII Maus replica.

NGFMP follows the U.S. Military's new weapon and vehicle designation protocols.

The following prefixes are used for firearms:

  • A - Assault Rifle
  • C - Carbine
  • M - Machine Gun
  • SM - Sub Machine Gun
  • SR - Sniper Rifle
  • P - Pistol
  • R - Revolver
  • RL - Rocket Launcher
  • GL - Grenade Launcher
  • S - Shotgun
  • X - Prototype

The following prefixes are used for vehicles:

  • H - Helicopter
  • F - Fighter
  • MBT - Main Battle Tank
  • TD - Tank Destroyer
  • SPG - Self-Propelled Gun
  • LT - Light Tank
  • MT - Medium Tank
  • HT - Heavy Tank
  • I - Interceptor
  • B - Bomber
  • E - Escort
  • FB - Fighter Bomber
  • SB - Stealth Bomber
  • SF - Stealth Fighter
  • T - Prototype tank
  • X - Prototype aircraft


Civilian VariantsEdit


Reproduction/Replica VehiclesEdit

Military EquipmentEdit

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