Chapter One: Chaos in the Wake

"Maverick four? Come in Maverick four."

"Maverick four-one here. What's the situation?"

"We've got a report of an attack on a high value radio station in Albany, New York. We know you and your team are on your way home but we need you to tell your pilot to turn around and check it out. Over."

"Well, roger that command. Maverick four-one out."

"Right, Command out."

Sergeant Paul Keating sighed as he felt a bead of sweat roll down his face. He clenched his M4A1 Carbine in his hand to hide his anger and disappointment as he turned around to his squad. They were a small group of U.S. Army soldiers who hardly ever saw actual fighting. They had been sent overseas to be at disposal if there was any type of warfare scenario that sprung up. However, they all knew that wouldn't happen. Figured though, that central command had nothing for them to do until they were finally going home. There was no use arguing or complaining about it. It had to be done, and they were going to do it.

"Pilot, turn this chopper around! Central Command's got us going to Albany! Map grid: 2274 5313!"

"Sarge?! What the hell are we going to Albany for?!" Yelled young Private Jack Lawson.

"Word is that a radio station there got hit by an attack. Not sure how serious it is." Keating replied.

"REALLY?! Now?! Come on man!" Michael Jacobs exclaimed.

"I know guys, but it's got to be done. So let's just get it over with so we can go home." Keating yelled back over the hum of the helicoptor.

He heard a few mumblings but not much from the squad for the rest of the trip. Maybe since the goal was so near, their focuses were just on getting home. Either way, the ride wasn't too bad. By the time they got there it had started raining. With his boot already soaked through, Paul Keating was first on the ground. Followed by Private Steven Locke, Bryan Salk, Mark Walker, Jack Lawson and Corporal Mikey Jacobs.

"Thanks for the ride Sergeant Pearson! We'll make contact when we've secured the base!" Keating shouted over the sound of the helicoptor.

They lifted their weapons and slowly opened the door with a creak. Keating heard a team mate light a red flare for light.

They're first sight inside the building could sober any man....

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