This is the gallery page for my story entitled: Nightmare. Anyone who makes a character for it can put a picture related to their character here. This includes: The character itself, weapons, and anything else you see fit. Just be sure to have both your weapons and characters in the same order. (My character's image was posted first on this page, so my weapons are posted first on this page.) Just to make it cleaner looking, and so I don't have to go back and do it. Thanks guys!



I would seriously appreciate it if they were made on Pimp my Gun. Makes it look cleaner, but if you can't, just put up a clean looking picture.

Stock character imagesEdit

You can use any of these if you want to. What I'll do is if you post one of these pictures for your character, I'll go and find a character with the same character model and take different screenshots of it so more than one person can use one character model and still be different. However, you don't have to use any of these at all, if you want you can find your own images.

Chapter One imagesEdit

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