None Spared. Covert Ops has a 2-6 player co-op mode and Adventure mode as well as a Clandestine Ops lobby.

Clandestine Ops

Clandestine Ops includes challenging missions completely unrelated to the campaign and with an original and innovative gaming style. Objectives include: Wave Defense, Stealth, Race, Extraction, Elimination, etc. You can either choose to play as a NATO Operative or a Communist Soldier. You can play against the CPU or online with other players. Here is the list of the maps that are available:

Able Ops

  • Gunfire - This map has little enemy resistance and you only have an M16A2 and P38K. The objective is to kill all 30 enemies if you're NATO. You have an AK-47 and Makarov if you're Communist and you must kill all 30 enemies.
  • Infiltrating the Command Room - This map is a little bit more challenging, the objective is to infiltrate the Communist base without being caught, or you must stop the NATO from infiltrating your base.
  • Defend the Mainframe - More challenging and more difficult, the NATO objective is to defend the mainframe to refuel your team's submarine, while the Communist objective is to destroy the mainframe to disable the fueling system.
  • Rolling down the River - As objectives get more challenging and levels get harder. The NATO has to cross the river and defend the boat the team is in and reach the objetive. The Communists have to destroy the ship before it reaches the end of the river and they have a tank, NATO has 4 ATGMs in the ship.

Beta Ops

  • Explosive - Here the objective is simple, NATO must destroy an SA-2 Guideline missile system while the Communists have to defend it, NATO has an M113 ACAV and 2 C303s, while the Communists have an Mi-24 Hind.
  • Scavenger Hunt - The Communists have to defend a Tu-4 Bull bomber carrying a nuclear weapon, while NATO has to seize it.
  • Camps of Death - NATO has to

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