None Spared: Crisis is set in 1973-1975, where the East Bloc moves its troops through Suez, and the subsequent response of the West, it is later discovered that the Soviets were planning an invasion to the US after launching the only Tsar Bomba in Soviet arsenal. The second half of the game happens in what is called German Autumn (1977-1978), where the terrorist attacks were at its peak in West Germany


  • Field Marshall George Hardy
  • James H. Carson
  • François Vigneron
  • Marius VanAtta
  • Robert Weber
  • Hptm. Helmut Krauss
  • Sgt. Jürgen Erzensberger
  • Unteroffizier Alois König
Warsaw Pact
  • General Nikita Orlov
  • Colonel Lev Estasiev
  • Viktor Kravchenko
  • Sergei Petrovsky
RAF Baader-Meinhof
  • Andreas Baader
  • Gerhard Wachalowski
  • Codename Adolf


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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