None Spared: Vendetta is a videogame of the None Spared franchise, set in 2017. It follows the story of an elite group of soldiers in their fight against a strong insurgency in Asia.


It is the year 2017, an infamous Belarusian weapons dealer, Alexei "Volk" Khrystov supports an uprising in Southeast Asia, as the rebels gain more power, the US and other nations develop a supersoldier program that will guarantee victory in every front against any enemy despite the odds.


  • Dr. Martha Brooks: British scientist, creator of the "TARANIS project".
  • Mark "Onyx" Pratt: American TARANIS project candidate and trooper, commander and marksman of TARANIS Team Sharptooth.
  • Bernard "Angel" Montgomery Murray: British TARANIS trooper, explosives expert of Team Sharptooth.
  • Ernesto "Burn" Tamayo Martinelli: Mexican TARANIS trooper, engineer and CQB specialist.
  • Roland Herbert "Adder" Eisermann: German TARANIS trooper, Team Sharptooth's radioman and comms expert.
  • Bob "Flare" Barnes: American TARANIS trooper and Team Sharptooth's vehicle specialist.
  • Chloe "Hail" Harris: Canadian TARANIS trooper ans Sharptooth's medic.

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