Now or NeverEdit

In now or never, JSOC track down Sadd Alam the leader of Tectra to his secret compound at Bejing and after a painful wrestle, kill him.

Starting WeaponsEdit

  • M4A2
  • M8A1
  • 2x Frags
  • 2x Split-Bangs

Weapons found in the missionEdit

  • CR-23
  • AK-90
  • RPG-9
  • M4A2
  • M8A1
  • CR-23

Part 1Edit

Jimmy Curtiss and fellow JSOC members including Conor Flake arrive with juggernaut suits arive at Sadd's compound. but when they get off the truck they were in they got ambushed by RPGs and two of the juggernauts get killed so the remaining 4 fight on reaching a drone hangar. With a whole army charging at them, Jimmy hacks into a drone chopper and decimates his enemies.

                    Now or Never
Setting: Bejing, China, Day 6, December 25, 2040
Enemies: Tectra Insugents
Weapons: AK-90, M4A2, M8A1, RPG-9, CR-23, 2x Frags 2x Slit-Bangs
Previous Mission: The Sacrifice
Next Mission: Bonus Mission- Playroom
Appears in: Call of Duty:Green Zone

Part 2Edit

Although Jimmy decimates most of the insurgents attacking them some surving picked up RPG-9s and shot the chopper down and start bombarding the hangar with the two other juggernauts willing to defend the player has two choices:

  1. You let them defend and they are killed but most insurgents dead so it will be easier to reach the HQ building.
  2. You do not let them defend so the resistance will escalate but when you start clearing out the HQ building they are a great aid to clearing out.

When they reach the HQ building (if the player let the two juggs defend it would been very hard clearing) they encounter heavy resistance but finaly reach the office with the other juggs dead  after some C4 blew up and Conor shocked. This leaves Jimmy to breach the door to the office and kill Sadd's body guards.

Part 3- the finalieEdit

After encountering him you will start wrestleling him with him after a painful wrestle Sadd gains the upper hand knocks Jimmy down just when Conor lunges at him just missing Sadd with a knife . Then Sadd shows a detonator saying if he tries to help his friend the U.S. and Australia will get destroyed by ICMBs. The player has a three choices:

  1. You kill Sadd and stops the nuclear threat but Conor gets killed.
  2. You help Conor and kill Sadd but the U.S. and Australia gets destroyed.
  3. You run away and get killed and the ICMBs launch.
  4. You snatch the detanator and arrest Sadd.

After that the mission ends.

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