Corporal Ethan Montrol tapped the edge of his seat nervously. The aggressive Pakistani military was known to attack at random times. After the Pakistanis had gone berserk and attacked half the Middle Eastern countries, the UN, the US, China, and Britain all took action. Being pressed in by all sides, the Pakistanis began fighting more wildly. Soon, China, Britain, and most of the UN retreated.

The US was left on its own. Montrol tested out the weight of thr HK416 modular cut-down carbine in his hands. It was a beautiful weapon in all climates. He watched from inside the Humvee, as hundreds of fleeing Pakistani civilians evacuated to Afghanistan, which, ironically, was now an extremely peaceful area. Montrol cycled through the advanced Special Forces goggles displaying an electronic heads-up display (HUD) flashing in front of him.

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