Operation Red Snow is a First Person Shooter created and devoloped by ZIpper Interactive,Blizzard and Tripwire interactive. The game boasts its 1256 game mode(Much larger than the average FPS) and heavy class based system.


The campaign for Operation Red Snow has 23 missions excluding DLC/Coop. The games campaign takes place around the world from Leningrad to London from Alaska to China.

Mission 1:The Day the Earth Stood StillEdit

Date:November 4th 2012

Location:Unspecified village in north east Russia

Federal Security Service(FSB)

SSGT. John London

The mission starts out very abrubtly. The player wakes up with a knife lodged into his left leg and the body of a comrade to the right of him. The player gets up and grabs an ASVAL and gets out of the wrecked APC. The player is given the objective to meet up at the village center. The player simply has to walk a few feet to the left to regroup. Once regrouped the player along with a hefty amount of spetsnaz back up is given a mission to raid the house of terror plot suspect. A loud explosion is heard coming from the direction of the house and a cloud of smoke appears. When the player arrives at the house a fire fight immediatly ensues and the player is ordered to sneak around back and breach. When the player reaches the back he is confronted by 4 guards belonding to the NRF.After killing them you must enter the house and breach the basement labratory. When reaching the basement you are confronted by the remaining NRF forces in the household. After clearing the basement you will hear talking and spot the shadow of two men in another room. A loud gun shot is heard and a man in the black trenchcoat emerges. Before you can raise your weapon he melees you with the stock of his gun and raises his revolver. Before he can fire he is shot by a spetsnaz soldier. When checking the lab the bodies of a man a woman and 3 children can be seen. After confriming the target was executing you leave the household before being stopped by a bloodied young girl.


United States S.W.A.T Team

New Soviet Federation

Russian Ground Forces







Royal Army


The Communist State Board

Delta Force

Seal Team 5,6,7

Class SystemEdit

After every Prestige you can choose another Role or if this is your first prestige a role. Roles upgrade and level up for completing objectives and challenges.

The roles

Squad Leader,CQC,Spotter,Medic,Infiltrator,Infantry,Demolition,Support

Level Below,Role right Squad Leader Close Quarter Combat Spotter Medic Infiltrator Infantry Demolition Support Intentinaly Blank
1 Objective Designator Doorkicker Shotgun Target Designator/Binoculars Morphine Injector Barrel Roll Ammo Dropoff Grenade Dropoff Deployable Riotshield Above was intentiaonaly spelled wrong
2 Airstrike Designator WindowCutter Iluminated Sniper Scope Dephibulator Assasination TMJ Ammunition Molotov Cocktail Spikestrip So was thait
3 Vehicle Dropoff Twin Hydra(Dual wielded Doorkicker) Anti Material Rifle Kevlar Deployment Room Clearer High Caliber Ammunition Explosive Ammunition Anti Tank Mine And that
4 Gunship Reinforcement Kevlar Breaker(Armor breaking melee weapon) Anti Tank Rifle Long Range Morphine Decoy Grenade Increased Knife Range HE Grenade Launcher Shotgun Shrapmore
5 Bombing Run Grenade Fist/Flak Jacket Sniper Squad Medical Station Cloaking System M1134 Minigun High Powered Stinger(Ground and Air Capable of bringing down walls)

Sentry Gun



Team Death Match 32vs32

War 256vs256

Similar to the World at War game mode

Search And Destroy 32 vs 32

Hostage Rescue 64vs32

64 counter terrorists must stop a gorup of hostages form being rescued

Hunter 16 vs 64

16 invisable assasins must eliminate and army the hunters will be visable when attacking. Spotters with illuminated sniper scopes can spot hunters.

Trouble in Terrorist Town 52 players 1 terrorist for every 4 innocents 1 detective for every 12 innocents

The classic Garry's Mod game mod

Gungame 16vs16

Of course you know this

Assualt 502vs502

Either four battleships or four flying fortresses battle it out. The flying fortresses are the same size as the battleships.

Vehicle War 256vs256.

You choose your vehicle and enter the battlefield. New vehicles are available after completing objectives.

Infiltration 32vs128

A platoon must quickly move through mutiple highrise buildings,bunkers,apartments,etc in order to take down an enemy leader or save an important hostage.

Killing Floor 8,16,32 or 64 players must survive 25 waves of the infected and then fight a final boss.

Survival 8 players.

1 squad must survive endless waves of enemies.

Zombies 4 players.

You know the drill

Bunker wars.64vs64

The hardest game mode try hitting targets from 750 meters away without snipers.

Demolition 32vs32

Domination 64vs64

Base Defense256vs1000 attacking players

This game mode is highly into the role system and those of specific roles are needed.







Gold Mine






Designation 51


New Russia


Retaliation Map PackEdit

Ivory Coast



Blackhawk Down

Infestation Map PackEdit


Dead Apple

West London









Sukhoi Su-27

MIG 29

MIG 25

Tupolev TU-95

Antonav An-12

Mil Mi-6









Leopard 2

Marder 1

Eurocopter Tiger



Nostalgia PerksEdit

When using a gun with the effect nostalgia your outfit will change to that of the World War 2 counterpart.


ORS features a wide variety of weapons from every faction.

Assault RIflesEdit

Weapon Damage,Range,ROF Level Unlocked Effect Attachments
AK-103 35,300M,4 BPS 36 None GP-25,Bayonet,Foregrip,RDS,ACOG sight,Extended Mag,Bipod,Folding stock,Skeleton Folding Stock.
HK416 35,400m(450 with Extended Barrel),5 BPS 58 None M203,FlashLight/Foregrip,PEQ box,Crane Stock,RDS,ACOG Sight,Extended Barrel,FMJ,TMJ
M16A3 40,300m,3 BPS 02 None M203,RDS,ACOG Sight,Bayonet
M4A1 30,300m,5 BPS 01 None M203,FlashLight/Foregrip,PEQ box,Crane Stock,RDS,ACOG Sight,Extended Barrel,FMJ,TMJ
G36E/G36C 35,500m,4 BPS 63 None M203,Foregrip,Laser Sight,Flash Light,Full Stock,Shortened Barrel/Sight Removed(Named changed to G36C,Double Bayonet
L85A2 35,325m,4 BPS 08 None Susat Sight,Laser SIght,Flash Light,Double Bayonet,RDS
AUG A3/AUG A1 35,375m,5 BPS 13 None Susat Sight(Changes Name and Model to A1)Flash Light,Laser Sight,RDS
SCAR-L 40,425m,3 BPS 26 None M203,FlashLight/Foregrip,PEQ box,Crane Stock,RDS,ACOG Sight,Extended Barrel,FMJ,TMJ
AK-74 35,350m,4 BPS 31 None GP-25,Bayonet,Foregrip,RDS,ACOG sight,Extended Mag,Bipod,Folding stock,Skeleton Folding Stock.
.700 Nitro 55,750m,1 BPS 89 Penetration None
BeoWulf 50,600m,1 BPS Prestige 3 Penetration


Submachine GunsEdit

Name Damage,Range,ROF Level Unlocked Effect Attachments
MP7 35,80m,12 BPS 67 Armor Piercing PEQ box,Laser Sight,Bayonet,Flashlight,RDS
MP5A5 30,100m,6 BPS 05 None PEQ box,Laser Sight,Flashligh,RDS,ACOG Sight,Foregrip
Skorpion VZ.61 35,70m,10 BPS 01 None Laser Sight
P90 35,75m,6 BPS 39 None Laser Sight,Flashlight
PPSh-41 40,100m,7 BPS Prestige 4 Nostalgia Drum Mag

Designated Marksman RifleEdit

Name Damage,Range,ROF Level Unlocked Effect Attachments
M14 45,750m,1 BPS 14 None

RDS,ACOG Sight,3x58x9 Scope,Sling w/ Grip

SKS 45,700m ,1 BPS 06 None RDS, Sling w/ Grip
FAL 50,750m, 1BPS 43 None Non Railed Version
SG552 35,625m, 2BPS 52 None Acog Sight,RDS
M1 Garand 44,425,1BPS Prestige 4 Nostalgia Rifle Grenade
Name D,R.ROF Level Effect Attachments
MK.46 40,550m,2 BPS 46 None RDS,ACOG Sight,Big Mag,Grip,Bipod
RPK-74 45,600m,3 BPS 64 None Acog Sight,Drum Mag,RDS,Grip,Bipod
HK21E 45,575m, 4BPS 21 None RDS,ACOG Sight,Drum Mag, Grip, Grenade Launcher,Bipod
MG42 42,655m,4 BPS Prestige 4 Nostalgia Bipod


Name D,R,ROF Level Effect Attachments
SV-98 100,1025m,1 BPS 1 None All snipers have the IronSight,Illuminated Scope,4x55x9 Scope,3x50x8 scope.
AS50 125,1500m,1 BPS 65 Penetration
Tac-50 125,1500m,1 BPS 53 Penetration
PSG-1 90,1200m, 2 BPS 23 None
Dragunov SVD 90,1075m,2 BPS 43 None
L115A3 .338 110,1100m,1 BPS 79 None
PTRS-41 150,1800m,1 BPS Prestige 4 Nostalgia None


Name D,R,ROF Level Effect Attachments
Spas-12 65,100m,1 BPS 01 None RDS,Grip,Folded Stock
Saiga-12k 55,125m,3 BPS 23 None Frag 12 Rounds
AA-12 70,100m,4 BPS 67 Doorkicker Frag 12 Rounds,Drum Mag
USAS-12 65,90m,4 BPS 64 Doorkicker Frag 12 Rounds
Remington R870 80,130m,1 BPS 81 Doorkicker Grip/Bayonet
M1887 Trench Gun 110,100m,1 BPS Prestige 4 Nostalgia,Doorkicker Bayonet/Sling


Name D,R,ROF Level Effect Attachments
M1911 MEU 45,75,1 01 None Silencer,Compensater
MP433 40,70,1 09 None S,C
S&W M500 150,100,1 50 Penetration Speed Loader
Colt Detective .38 Airweight 50,60,1 39 Penetration Speed Loader
SIG P226 35,70,1 27 None S,C
USP 40,70,1 18 None S,C
M1911 40,90,1 19 Nostalgia S,C
.600 Nitro Revolver 120,100,1 68 Penetration Speed Loader
M9 35,70,1 05 None S,C
Nagant Revolver 55,90,1 Prestige 4 Penetration,Nostalgia Speedloader
Luger Po8 45,90,2 Prestige 4 Nostalgia Stock

Machine PistolsEdit

Name D,R,ROF Level Effect Attachments
PP2000 35,45m,3 24 None
G18 30,50m,4 34 None
G17 40,45m,3 27 None
G20 35,60m,5 40 None

Special WeaponsEdit

Name D,R,ROF Level Effect Attachments
Riotshield 55,Melee,? 56 Basher
Murdershield 75,Melee,? Prestige 5 Effect Bleed
RPG-7 125,750m,? 01 Shrapnel spreader,Pathless
Stinger 150,750m,? 57 Homing

Campaign Only WeaponsEdit

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