Operation Sandluck


Task Force 171, Navy SEALs


Get in the enemy compound to kill Ultranationalists leader Boris Vorshevsky and load the DSM

Leader Of The Op

Captain John Rodes


Ghost, Dustkill, Scarecrow, Sandman, Freeze, Cobra 120, Ozone, and eight more soldiers


Navy SEALs, Task Force 171


Ultranationalists, Spetsnaz Forces

Extract By


Operation Sandluck was a mission that was launched in 2018. Frank Lones approved the operation

Chapter One: Picking The SoldiersEdit

March 20 2018 4:55 PMEdit

It was a sunny day. The soldiers of Task Force 171 were all training as usual. General Lones then came to the traing area and the soldiers that were training stood still and saluted to General Lones. Lones then talked about the operation and that the operation needed 15 men. None of the soldiers replied. General Lones than picked out 15 men out of the 80 men that were in the compound. The picking was then done.

The 15 SolidersEdit

March 20 2018 7:04 PMEdit

The 15 men are listed below:

Gabriel "Dustkill" Villagomez

John "Knownsnow" Rodes

"Ghost" Vargas Alex "Ghost" Vargas

"Scarecrow" Brewer Brandon "Scarecrow" Brewer

Freeze Cobra 120


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