For the general event that this fanfiction covers, go to this page. For the Zombies portion of the storyline, see the article, Zombies: Evolution, on the Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki.

Operation Syndicate is a fanfiction by EternalBlaze.

Author's note: I implement another form of non-canon in the Call of Duty 4 universe when writing this, and is meant to be that way only for this specific fanfiction; none of this ever happened in terms of the Call of Duty storyline or Call of Duty 4 itself.



Operation Syndicate was a black operation secretly created by the United Nations in order to help fight the war on terrorism. No one outside the U.N. and any respective government knows about Operation Syndicate and anyone else who breaths a word about it will be removed from the op.

The operation consists of forming multiple teams of special op soldiers, training them to their best, and sending them across the world to perform risky, yet effective missions. Despite all the teams of four or five created, this fanfiction will only cover one team in particular, which has been given the hardest missions of all.

The main setting is in 2011, during the general time period in which Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is set in. It goes into 2012 towards the middle/end of the storyline, though.

The Ultranationalists have gained another unknown ally. It is a group by the simple name of The Aftershock and consists of multiple radicals who deeply support Zakhaev and his four horsemen. Now that they have made themselves public to the world, they have allied themselves with the Ultranationalists and plan to take over the Pacific and the United States (the Ultranationalists would be taking Europe), thus conquering the world.

The United Nations, unsatisfied by this, created the groups of fighters to combat The Aftershock, since the regular militaries and lesser elite groups would be taking care of the Ultranationalists.

The main goal of Vauxite Squad is to take out the leaders and possible leaders of The Aftershock to weaken their form of government, which the U.N. thinks will make them helpless or at least less organized (thus revealing the right time to strike at the heart and end the war).

Main CharactersEdit

The group followed in Operation Syndicate is called Vauxite Squad. More information on them is covered on their actual page.


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