Second Russian Civil War (2011-16), World War III (2016-17)

Op syndicate





Central and Southeast Asia, United States



Major battles


  • United Nations
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Russian Loyalists
  • Other countries

  • Flag of the United States.svg US President
    • Flag of the United States.svg US Vice President
    • Flag of the United States.svg Gen. Eric Leeson
  • Uk flag UK Prime Minister
    • Uk flag Gen. Howard Bartley
  • Flag of Russia.svg Russian Loyalist Leader
    • Flag of Russia.svg Loyalist Gen. Pavel Kamarov
  • Ultranationalist flag Ultranationalist Party (non-canon)
    • Ultranationalist flag Imran Zakhaev
    • Ultranationalist flag Vladmir Makarov
    • Ultranationalist flag Anya Makarov
  • Flag of Russia.svg Russian Prime Minister
    • Flag of Russia.svg Gen. Armenio Valshevski
    • Flag of Russia.svg Gen. Lev Kirlov

The event codenamed Operation Syndicate was a black operation executed in 2011 and 2012 to combat the Russian Ultranationalists and The Aftershock.

While the operation itself started in 2010, there were many instigations in order to provoke the U.N. to combat terrorism and is considered a whole "war" by some.

The War's Simple StartsEdit


  • The Aftershock is formed by an unknown leader.
  • The current (as of 2004) U.S. President resigns, a new one is elected.
  • The Ultranationalist Party starts out with simple movements.


  • The Ultranationalists aspire to larger goals, even causing massacres.
  • A mini-war, known as Ebon's War, breaks out between the United Kingdom and the Ultranationalists.
  • The Aftershock gain a larger influence and eventually stage a secret coup. This coup is successful and the other powers do not notice.


  • Ebon's War ends with the UK as the victor. The Ultranationalists, however, secretly proceed with their operations as planned.


  • The Aftershock have a change in leadership and become even more powerful, gaining a larger sphere of influence even in other countries.
  • The UN starts to notice changes in the Middle East and Russia.

All-Out WarEdit


  • Deadly ties between The Aftershock and the Ultranationalist Party are formed.
  • The UN is alarmed by the formation and announces its move to combat terrorism (unknown to the enemies).
  • Many special ops groups are created, thus officially creating Operation Syndicate. The name was taken from the US President.
  • The war is declared, with UK forces teaming up with US forces. There is a Russian Loyalist group who have defected to the UN in order to restore justice in Russia.

Timeline of Operation Syndicate (fanfiction)Edit

  • Vauxite Squad infiltrates Russian intel base in the North Pole.

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