Chapter 1Edit

Building in Shahbla, western Iran

June 16, 2023

Sergeant Ethan "Ozone" Turner reloaded his ACR assault rifle and hefted it a few times. The weight was perfectly balanced. He switched to his M9 pistol and cleaned out the barrel. Perfect.

"Sergeant," a voice called out. The sergeant turned around and saw a private trudging through the gritty dust toward him. "Command's sent five AC-130s to assist us, but the LZ is still too hot for an evac. We'll have to wait a little while. Sector C11 is clear, and we can proceed from there."

Nodding satsifactorily, Ozone stood up and clapped his hands loudly. "Come on, team. We gotta go clear that evac zone.."

The Russian army soldier crouched under a group of wrecked car parts, his AK-47 up and ready. He was to report back to Command immediately if they met any American or Chinese resistance. Sighing, he lay back, stretching. Suddenly, he tensed. He heard quiet footsteps. Extremely quiet, almost to the point of being silent.

He heard a creak and a sharp crack, and a muffled English curse. Immediately, he raised his mouthpiece and whispered, "Я обнаружил врага присутствие в секторе F33!"

There was no response, but there was no static, which meant that Command was maintaining radio silence while sending aerial and ground support. He finally got a reply from Command, "Подкрепление на своем пути. Соблюдать свои действия. Командной вне."

Junior NCO Jun Litang and his squad readied up for the skirmish with the Russians. They were to be sent in at 0750 hours and aid the American Shadow Team squad. He picked out the standard QBZ-95B carbine with suppressor and the QSZ-92 special-forces pistol. Jun met up with the American sergeant named "Ozone." Since Jun had studied for quite some time at MIT and Harvard, he was very skilled in English.

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