Gunnery Sergeant Junior Grade 1st Class Owen Leonard is a supply SNCO and second-in-command in Epsilon Squadron in the FanFiction Death, One Step Closer by MotionlessInWhite.


Early LifeEdit

Owen Leonard was born in Los Angeles, California in a close family. His brother and sisters were always there for him and cared a lot, as were his parents. But ever since the death of his only brother, consequences have never been the same. Sure, they all cared for one another, but they weren't that happy family they used to be. After high school, Leonard joined the U.S. Army SMR to get away from everything and get his head straight.

In the U.S. ArmyEdit

After enrolling in the Army, Leonard was trained how to be a good soldier, such as learning how to clean a weapon, basic police-calling fired brass, and form-filling skills. He proved to be a good and determined soldier, despite not being the best in his regiment. He had a trait that no one else had; to strive to get what he wanted more than anything. This would lead to him being promoted.

Epsilon SquadronEdit

Although not knowing about the program earlier, Leonard was still considered on of the first to enroll. He joined Epsilon Squadron, as the other ones were being picked by everyone else. He would get to know the other members and eventually form that family bond with them that could not seperate them even by the tiniest bit.

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