Paramus Para Bella, or "We Prepare for War" in Latin, is the first mission in the fictional video game, In the Mist, by JerryWiffleWaffle.

Level BriefingEdit

"Paramus Para Bella"

Captain Lucas "Baron" Bronson

Whiskey Base, Tabriz, Iran

Day 1 - 04:12:56 PM


Paramus Para Bella is essentially the "training" mission of In the Mist. It gives the player the basics of the game, controls, and the briefing of the upcoming mission. The player must first get familiar with using a sniper rifle, then a pistol, and then learns how to use a radio.

Once completing these tasks, the player must go to General Peters and will run a course to see how effective the player is in close range combat, sinc ethe game revolves around sniping. The player, however, will only be given a pistol, since there are no other usable types of weapons in the game, other than sniper rifles and designated marksman rifles.

After completing the course and choosing which difficulty is preferred, the player must go back into the base to debrief on the upcoming mission with General Peters. You will also meet again with your teammate, Captain Michael "Hawkeye" Steele, assuming that you two have already met and are comfortable as a sniper team.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  1. Grab the M24.
  2. Aim down the sight, and shoot the targets.
  3. Grab the Five-seveN.
  4. Aim down the sight and shoot the targets.
  5. Grab the radio.
  6. Order the "squad" to hit the targets.
  7. Order an artillery strike at a certain location.
  8. Order for backup.
  9. Order for ammunition.


  1. Go to the CQC course.
  2. Grab the Beretta M9.
  3. Run the course.
  4. Return to Peters.
  5. (Optional) Run the course again.
  6. Follow Peters to the debrief.


  1. Meet up with Peters in the briefing room.
  2. Listen.
  3. Greet your teammate.
  4. Gear up and head out to assist Zulu 4-5 out in the desert.

Mission end.


  • The title is in Latin because the creator of the In the Mist series used to take Latin as a class in school.

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