After going through training, Jefferson and Frasier board an M8 Greyhound and go to the fight. But halfway through the road, they get ambushed by North Korean soldiers.


Jefferson and Frasier were in an M8 armored car, when suddenly, they spot an RPG in the ridge.

Pvt. Jefferson: I got a visual on an enemy RPG-2, plus submachine guns, frag grenades and a light machine gun

Jefferson uses an M1 Garand and Frasier uses an M1 Carbine, but their guns are not as effective as the North Koreans' PPSh.

MSgt. Frasier: Fire at will.

They fire at the North Korean position and they kill the machine gun operator, who falls over the machine gun and drops it.

MSgt. Frasier: Good kill, Frank, but they have noticed us, kill the rest of the soldiers.

Pvt. Jefferson: I can see that, the RPG soldier is aiming at us!

MSgt. Frasier: I'll bring down his comrades, you shoot at him before he can even pull the trigger!

Frasier bump fires his M1 Carbine, making the gun effectively automatic, and brings down the KPA members. And Jefferson shoots at the RPG operator. The powerful 7.62x63mm round of the Garand penetrates his head, leaving a hole bigger than a golf ball.

MSgt. Frasier: Good work team, let's go, Zippy may have heavier resistance up ahead.

They walk through the rice paddy, and kill the survivors in the ridge.

But after killing the remaining enemies, 3 North Korean soldiers jump out of a hut, while other 10 troops were shooting from other hut 30 metres away.

MSgt. Frasier: Shiiiit!, someone kill the ones in the hut, Cpl. Travis, take these 3 rifle grenades He gives Travis the rifle grenades. And blow the goddamn bird off its perch, ASAP!

Cpl. Travis: Right away, sir! Travis loads a rifle grenade into the muzzle of his M1 Garand, but first he makes sure he's crouching and the rifle is unloaded.

Travis fires the rifle grenade, the rifle grenade impacts the hut with 10 North Korean soldiers. Limbs and bones galore. And Pvt. Jefferson gets pale and throws up.

MSgt. Frasier: Holy shit, Travis! That's a damn good job, son! We're clear now, get in you vehicles--

Frasier sees Jefferson regorging. And then fainting.

MSgt. Frasier: We need to get him out! Now!

Travis helps Frasier to lift Jefferson to a truck, Jefferson is transported to a hospital.

Cpl. Travis: Oh shit, we lost a comrade in this skirmi-- Fuck! Heavy Machine Gun in that temple thingy!!

Frasier and Travis exit the Greyhound and KPA soldiers charge against them, but Frasier pulls out an Ithaca 37.

MSgt. Frasier: I like this for close encounters, like right now. Look!

Frasier fires at the charging KPA soldiers, and about three fall down, one being ripped almost in half.

The KPA soldier is agonizing, he cries for help, but it's useless.

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