Petty Officer Third Class Paul Campbell, callsign "Spartan", is a US Navy Seal. He is in military service since 2001, when he fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul "Spartan" Campbell
Hojeew si a hctib
Spartan's dossier picture


Paul Kwasi Annan Campbell




US Navy Seals




24 july 1981, 24/7/81 (Age 38)

Place of Birth

Accra, Ghana




Petty Officer First Class




M249 SAW, SMAW, AA-12, Glock 23


Paul Campbell was born in Accra, Ghana on the 24th of July, 1981. He lived in the slums of Accra, His grandfather was an american immigrant, but he dissapeared when paul's father was born. So Paul is 1/8 american. He is very big and strong. He immigrated to the states illigal, but he received a visa to stay in the USA. He worked as a pizza delivery boy and construction worker. He was tired of working for that less money so he joined the army in 2001.

Service in Iraq and AfghanistanEdit

He joined the US Navy Seals and became a very good demolisher and engineer.  He took part in the invasion of Iraq. In 2011, he was transferred to Afghanistan. In 2016, Paul, who was a Petty Officer First Class, beated a fellow soldier up because he shouted nigger at him. He and the fellow soldier were demoted to seaman. Paul had learned of his anger and became a very disciplined soldier. He quickly got his respect back. In 2019, he was a Pety Officer Third Class.

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