Perk Zombies only come after wave 10 and every 1 in 10 zombies will be a perk zombie.

Perk Zombies are zombies with special abilities:

  • Juggernog Zombie - Takes more damage than a normal zombie.
  • Speed Cola Zombie - Can hit faster than other zombies.
  • Double Tap Zombie - 80% of double hitting people.
  • Quick Revive Zombie - After it is killed it comes back unless it is headshotted.
  • PhD Flopper Zombie - After it is killed it explodes witch can damage a player.
  • Stamin-Up Zombie - Runs faster than the players.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri Zombie - Has to be headshotted.
  • Mule Kick Zombie - Can take a weapon from a player if it gets to close.


Perk zombies look like normal zombie with a colored glow (the same color as the perk it is .e.g Speed Cola Zombie would have green glow).

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