By JerryWiffleWaffle


Clutching his M4A1, Echo slide behind a jeep, getting up to crouch as bullets hit the vehicle. He was followed closely by Eclipse. They were both panting heavily.

"How are we gonna get out of this? Going out in the open is suicide!" Eclipse said, looking through the Jeep's foggy windows at the Russian troops.

More troops were closing in on the six men, firing everywhere. Echo new that this would come, as breaching into the building would cause commontion. The operative was crouched behind a solid barrier, loosely gripping an AK-50 with a Red Dot Scope on it. He must have picked it up from a dead soldier.

"Hey, you still got that radio, Acid?" Echo called to him.

He saw Acid check his vest, and then his belt. He looked back at Echo, slowlu shaking his head. It was gone.

Echo swore silently and poked his head up from the truck, watching as Eclipse pinned two men down with a frag grenade. He took out his suppressed M4A1 and fired at an enemy troop behind a few barrels, making the red one explode, causing it to scorch multiple targets.

"Anyone else have a radio?" Echo asked aloud, reloading his assault rifle.

"I got one, boss..." Ninja replied, tossing a rectangular device to Echo.

He tossed it across the field, and it landed about 100 meters in front of Echo's feet, sliding across the snow covered concrete.

"Damn, can't you throw better?" Echo yelled, annoyed.

"We got to hurry, boss. More NRUT soldiers closing fast. I think they got a chopper on the way as well." Acid yelled, firing at a few enemy soldiers.

It was only a matter of time before their position would be their last, and if the UNSO choppers weren't here, the six men would be dead meat within the next few hours.

"How's our intel operative?"

The operative was on the ground, looking around the barrier, deciding where to fire next, just when a grenade had exploded in between the group, sending Acid, Ninja, and the operative flying to the west. The explosion threw concrete in Echo's face, but he still persevered and rushed to the other side of the battle, trying to find out where his comrades had fallen.

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