Act 1

"I'll pull you in a black hole

I'll show you your deepest fears

I'll destroy every hope of you to see daylight

You'll never come out..."

Act 2

"Here we are...

I... am you

and you... are me"

Act 3

"Walking trough the way

Never see the end

driven by basic fears

it's manipulating you"

Act 4

"You walk into a mirror

You see yourself happy

But the man in the mirror isn't you

He seems depressed

and shoots himself"

Act 5

"The end may never come

I'll give you the choice

life or die..."

Act 6

"I'll give you a gun

I'll give you a chance to shoot me

I push the gun on my head

And you pulled the trigger"

Act 7

"You waked up in the darkness

walking on nothing

You see me still standing at the end"

Act 8

"We.. are the same

You can't kill yourself

You can't kill me"

Act 9

"Your world falls into pieces

Your world changes into hell

Your world is unrecognizable

Your world is not anymore"

Act 10

"You want to escape

You torture yourself

You want to stop it

You are killing yourself"

Act 11

"You have suffered

like I have suffered

Now it begins..."

Act 12

"Waking up, you're back

You see what you did

You destroyed everything you had

Your home

Your family

Your future"

Act 13

"Bringing an end to all

Making an end to this rage

There's only one way..."

Act 14

" See me as your savior

Do what others cannot

And let me... be... reborn"

Act 15

"I'll asked it again

What's the definition of insanity?"

Act 16

"I'm the answer

and i'll always be the answer"

everybody who knows who I am, I want to stay anonymous, because I want to know how people think about this poem whitout knowing who I am. So please, i want to stay anonymous.

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