This fan-fic is based on MW2, as 2 characters watch the events of the game offscreen.

Chapter 1: S.S.D.DEdit

Day 1, 2016

Firebase Phoenix

Cpl. George Davis

There was I, seated watching Allen train the "newbies", at leas it was far more fun than watching McCord playing with his cellphone.

Somehow, being transfered to this unit has showed me that war it's not an easy game, after Zakhaev's death, all Russia was a madhouse.

The atrocious things that guy did, and then "Poof!" they make a statue of him in the red square.

"Hey McCord, whatcha doing in there" I asked of pure boredom.

"Checkin some images of my family dude" He answered."You never talk about your family dude, whats up with that?"

"Nah, its classified" I answered joking.

I said hi to Allen in his way to the Pit, why Shepherd would want it to some "secret mission", nobody knows.

I left my seat to watch Allen run the pit, I remembered those guys that did it a few days ago, some "MacTavish guy" and a dude with a Skull balaclava, they broke the record of The Pit, but I really didn't give a crap.

Then I saw bloodied Hummvees"What the fuck happened" I muttered to myself.

I opened the door and helped Johnson out of the Jeep, he had been shot in the shoulder.

"Those bastards took the bridge out, we have to move fast!" I yelled at Sgt. Foley.

To be continued...Edit

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