pony brigadesEdit

it started when internal after ww1 was crucial since ww2 they save the hostage clearing buildings etc

then they found evidence in iraq ( in ww2 ) said they gonna invent future armies

in iran they find crucial evidence about evidence since ww2 the world is in burn.....

EA ( equestrian army ) now invading cities for their resources the pony brigades is in fact?

that their modernisation is lack of gun ammo etc


1934-pony brigades was formed

1940-pony brigades first mission was rescue jewish scientist

1960-pony brigades launched suprised attacked (between FBI and socialist party )

1980-two missions launched in iran

2012-2029-over 40 mission against east equestrian army


their equipment was simple like uzi, m4a1 etc

between ww2 is uses thompson, m1 garand, bren and mp40

meanwhile in iran their weapon was poor enough?

like uzi, colt commando and colt 1911

in 2012 their modernisation adding weapons like m4a1, scar-h,scar-l,and g3 weapons and mp5 and glock

weapons that usedEdit

  • m1 garand
  • thompson
  • bren gun
  • mp40
  • colt 1911
  • uzi
  • m4a1
  • scar-h
  • scar-l
  • g3 ( the one standard weapon of pony brigades up and weapon of EA down )
  • mp5

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