prison trouble


john menendez jr

starting weapons

knife colt 1911


prison guards PNP SWAT


jan 2 2012


new bilibid prison Philippines


it started when the prison guard check you knifed and you shoot the prison guards after kill of them and find way to exit

the alarm is heard he get m4a1 attacking prison guards and PNP then you go to prison quarters to kill all prison guards 

the gate is crashed the you kill all SWAT members and drive the and you drive by the police car and you crash the light post escape and terrorist members helping to ride an the mission is finished

starting weaponsEdit

  • knife
  • colt 1911

weapons that found Edit

  • m4a1 ( from gun rack of secruity room )
  • remington 870 ( used by prison guards )
  • m16a4 ( used by SWAT and PNP )
  • hk416 ( from gun rack of secruity room )
  • mp5 ( used by PNP )
  • uzi ( used by prison guards and PNP )
  • colt 1911
  • beretta 9mm ( used by SWAT )

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