Private Military Weapons


GmbH, Private





Key People

Willhard Götsch, CEO and founder, Edward FitzGerald, Chairman of PWS, Helka Steinbauer, Vice-president


Small arms, combat vehicles, military equipment


420 (2011)


Ad Augusta, Per Angusta (to rise to a high position overcoming hardships)

Private Weapons Systems (PWS) is a weapon company owned by Willhard Götschl. The company is based in Graz, Austria and focuses on researching and producing weapons systems to sell to foreign militaries or Private Military Companies. In 2016, it signed a contract with NATO to produce a new assault rifle for special operations, since then PWS has been working for NATO and its allies.


The owner of the company, Willhard Götschl was a former member of the French Foreign Legion, serving in Bosnia, Iraq and to certain extent the Kosovo. Establishing the company in 2000, he focused on producing weapons for militaries and make them hard to access for illegal buyers. In 2002 it announced its first product, the XAR-100 assault rifle, codenamed "Sand Dollar" during its development phase.


Since the introduction of the XAR-100, now marketed as the AR4, PWS has also produced many weapons, which some examples include the AR5 assault rifle, G1 carbine and SR11 sniper rifle. Aside from small arms, PWS also produces vehicles, including the LAV11 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and H-11 Helicopter.

The company also uses different designations, depending on the type of weapon.

The following prefixes are used for weapons:

  • "AR" is used for assault rifles.
  • "G" is for carbines.
  • "MG" is for machine guns.
  • "SR" is used for sniper rifles.
  • "H" is used for shotguns.
  • "SG" is for submachine guns.
  • "RG" is used for rocket launchers, grenade launchers or other kind of high-power weapon.
  • "P" is used for pistols.

These suffixes go for the weapons:

  • "S" - Suppressed
  • "T" - Tactical
  • "R" - Recon
  • "D" - Scoped


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