Next Level

Welcome to 2030


Future Warfare 2


Inez Doyle




SAS training facility in Credenhill, UK


Day 1, 2030


1. Pick up rifle

2. Shoot while aiming down sight

3. Shoot targets while firing from the hip

4. Shoot target through wood

5. Pick up and use a frag grenade

6. Use your compass to get to SAS HQ

7. Pick up pistol

6. Switch to your rifle and then back to your pistol

8. Meet Captain Stan Rochester and question civilian.

9. Interrogate enemy soldier.

10. Regroup with team



Prologue is the first mission in Call of Duty: Future Warfare 2; it is seen as a tutorial, getting players used to gaming mechanics and combat moves. It also introduces the main protagonist and the main enemies-or at least one of them.



The level begins with Inez and Valerie Smith on the SAS training facility grounds instructing some random SAS operatives. Here, the player learns basic combat moves, like firing from the hip, aiming down the sight, throwing frag grenades, and other techniques about shooting properly, as well as grabbing sidearms and switching from primary to secondary weapons. Then Inez progresses to the obstacle course, where she meets Keith Grant, Captain of her regiment. Here, the player learns that switching to handguns is faster than reloading and meleeing, which is done with the butt of the player's weapon (unlike knifing in the previous installments). The player then runs the course and afterwards, he\she is ordered to go to the SAS HQ, where a civilian and an OpFor POW are held in an interrogation room. The civilian states she is a tourist and was raped by the enemy soldier, but the enemy states he was ordered to rape civilians. From here, Captain Grant executes the POW for "raping the innocent."

The level ends once Inez rejoins her team outside the facility.


  • This is the first level where the character speaks in a mission, much like Captain Price in Dust to Dust.
  • However, Inez only says one line: "This place is a trash dump," which is at the beginning of the level where she's helping Valerie train fellow SAS soldiers.


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