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Call of Duty: World at War


Un-named nazi scientists


Any weapon picked up

Enemy weapons:



Secret nazi seabase on the Atlantic Ocean




Schock Zombie, Nazi Zombies, Zombie Piranhas

Prologue was a very first Nazi Zombies map made by edwilsons, who also created Zombie Fortress in 2010.

It was cancelled even before it was released, the creator said that 'it was too stupid and unoriginal to be a zombie map, so i am planning to make a new one'

It begins in a somewhat nazi seabase with scientists who survived a leak of 115, unlike most maps, the map has a ending where the characters escape the map through a submarine, but it is unknown more information on how this would work.


During the begin, a group of 4 nazi scientists were talking on stealing Richtofen's plans to the Group 935, as well creating a 935 land outside Nazi Germany, the four are seen as traitors and SS soldiers enters the room to excecute them, however, a missing bullet hits a 115 container which infects everyone (except the scientists) that turns into zombies, it is also unknown how the doctors were not infected, the four scientists battle zombies on the giant sea base trying to find a big submarine which could be used as their escape.




The playable characters are german scientists with a unknown name, they have their own voices, models and personality, their true names would be revealed if the map was going to be released, some rumours spread that Dr. Scheuster would be a playable character and shows his real plans and personality.



The players could be able to see other players swimming underwater

The zombies uses a scientist-zombie models with the same attributes, the only new zombie was a bloated scientist who had the ability to throw shock particles on the characters.

A Zombie Piranha also lives underwater, a boss named Kraken that is actually 13 feet tall squid that would destroy the sea base and force the characters to fight him every 7 rounds.


The weapons are the same from WAW, the wonder-weapons recived new reskins to be:

WunderWaffe DG-2 - Poot15Ginator9000

Ray Gun - 'Little Kiddo' Tesla Water prototype.

It was also added a laser Revolver with unknown abilities.


The players would be able to breath underwater with a underwater suit, the zombies would be also able to swim as well the Zombie Piranhas who take out a high level of HP.


The Friendly Fire Energy Drink would let the players pass through other teammates in multiplayer, another Perk-a-Cola with a unknown attribute was not revealed.

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