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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4


Captain John Price


Task Force 141


Hotel Oasis, Dubai, UAE


21st January 2017


Dubai Police Department

Multiplayer Map


Prolouge is the first level of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. It is set right after Modern Warfare 3 Finished.


Price opens his eyes, seeing his reflection on the cracked glass of the roof, looking down and seeing the hotel below. He looks up and sees the crashed and burning helicopter, and out of the wreck, comes Makarov. Price sees a Desert Eagle pistol in front of him and crawls to retrieve it. Makarov also moves towards the pistol, but stumbles from his injuries, coughing some blood. Price reaches the pistol, but Makarov manages to get up, stomp Price's hand and take the pistol. He points it at Price as he looks up.

Makarov: Goodbye, Captain Price.

Before Makarov could pull the trigger, he is shot on his left shoulder by Yuri, having pulled himself out of the pole. Makarov reacts by shooting Yuri in the right shoulder, his left, and then his head, killing his former friend. With the given time, Price heaves himself off the ground at Makarov, tackling him to the floor, and punches him three times. Seeing a cord laying on the glass, he grabs it and wraps it twice around Makarov's neck. He then presses both hands down onto Makarov's neck to the glass, struggling a bit more, then hooks the cord around into a noose. And then, with one final push, he pushes Makarov through the glass, breaking it, and they fall into the hotel as Price yells in anger. As Price lands on the atrium floor, the cord tightens and hangs Makarov, instantly choking him to death. Exhausted, but triumphant, Price crawls away from the edge and looks at Makarov's hanging corpse in victory. He takes out a cigar and a lighter and strikes it, but it doesn't light. He strikes it again, it doesn't light. He strikes it a third time, it finally lights, and he lights his cigar. As sirens are heard from a distance, he puffs his cigar.

Nikolai (voice) Price, Price, Yuri. Is anyone there?

Price: Nikolai, this is Price . Yuri's KIA. I request immediate evac. Police are surrounding the building.

Nikolai: (Voice) Da. I will pick you up. ETA Two Minutes.

Talking is heard. Price crawls over to Makarov and takes his gun. Two Police walk into the Atrium

Police 1: وضع يديك حت (Put your hands up)

Police 2:

تسليم أو تبادل لاطلاق النار ونحن سو (Surrender or we will shoot)

Price shoots both police and a helicopter lands on the roof.

Nikolai: Price run for it armed police are heading towards you.

Price runs to the chopper and jumps into the back

Nikolai: Price where to next?

Price: - Well....

The screen turns to black and the Modern Warfare 4 logo appears


  • The first scene is the same as the last scene from Modern Warfare 3.
  • The time is 22.34. Twenty Minutes after Dust and Dust started meaning the mission was twenty minutes long

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