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  4. You can make a firearm for another company if they hold a contest.

List of Armories

Antionium Armory- CAPace1

Name: XM-17 Adaptive Combat Rifle and Carbine
XM-17 Carbine

Caliber: Adaptivive: 5.56 x45mm NATO or 7.62×39mm rounds

Name: DMR-2011

Caliber: 7:62x51mm NATO

Surkov Armory - Sgt Sprinkles

Surkov AA-12 HASG

AA-12 MK1

The Surkov AA-12MK1 Is high powered fully auto shotgun utilizing 12-guage rounds. The shotgun can carry more rounds than the average AA-12 and is used in more countries,

Surkov AA-12 MK1
The AA-12MK2 Is the second variant of the Surkov AA-12. The MK2 more closely resmbles the original AA-12 and has much less recoil than the MK1. The MK2 also has a drum magazine in replacement for the bulky box magazine and a full stock.

Surkov C41

The Surkov CSMG-1 is a compact high ROF SMG. The CSMG-1 is capable of firing rounds less than 46 caliber. The gun is very rare to be found in the battle field as it was taken out of production.

Surkov HC2

The HC-11 is the first of a new line of revolutionary hand guns,The hand cannon. The HandCannon-2011 is the very first in hand cannon weaponry utilizing .54cal explosive rounds this is a weapon to be feared,

Pancake Firearms- Pancake301

Flak Jacket Custom Firearms- MIA Epic

'People's Republic of Corey Firearms manufactured by Syco' maufacturers- Sycorabbit

Alvonian Weapon Systems - Alex Martin Rider Talk

Luepolan Firearms Limited - Bumblebeeprime09

SLP Firearms and Rifles - EternalBlaze

Other PMGs by me can be seen here.

Howlett-Mitchell GmbH - i.e. Method

Updated Fire Arms Collector1

NXT Gen Rifle Co. - DeadRaiser

Production Models

Prototypes/Export Models

Stinger Arms Co. floody16

FaäKoIn Arms, GmbH/ S.A. de C.V.

===Silver Hawken Armories===

Axel909's weapons

Special "K" Weapons Plant - Codfan1577

I 13112007 102350

MAC-50, with triple stack assault clips.

The MAC-50 combines the efectiveness of the rapid fire "crime causer" Mac-10 with the stopping power of the .50 AE round. It fires in fully automatic and semi automatic and is compatible with assault clips and tripe stack clips. Also, it uses a tactical stock, comonly refered as the shoulder thing that goes up.

Universal weapons-Cod monan

Frontline Global Operations, Ltd. - Randommerc701

CHSDF Systems, LLC - Randommerc701

Private Weapon Systems, Gloryman3


Velzen en Zoon co. - Weejoh-_-


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