"Push the Soviets out of Berlin"
―Level Description

Punch Through is the third level of Call of Duty: The Big Third. In it American Forces are trying to push

Punch Through


Call of Duty: The Big Third


Febuary 27, 1947


John McCord

Previous Level

Armored Assault

Next Level

Close Air Support

through heavy Soviet Defenses around the border of East and West Berlin

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  1. Destroy the MG nest with the Bazooka
  2. Pickup the M1919 Browning
  3. Hold off the enemy counter-attack
  4. Climb the ladder
  5. Spot targets for the P-51s
  6. Advance into the bunker
  7. Place the charges on the wall
  8. Destroy the wall
  9. Regroup with the M26 tank

Level TranscriptEdit

Loading CutsceneEdit

The Camera Zooms in over Berlin, Intense Fights can be seen

General Patton: Dammit! wheres our air support?

General Bradley: The Weather Just Cleared Up, P-51s Rolling In

P-51s are seen moving toward the city

General Patton: Good, Russians are crushing us, we're barely holdin out

General Bradley: Well thats about to change, have your troops push them back to Ukraine, we can do it.

Gameplay Begins

Mustang 1: This Mustang 1, air support has arrived over.

Frank Ernest: Good, Russians are battering our defenses, lets take em out

Frank Ernest: Alright, Move up

An MG Nest Starts Firing On The Squad, Two Members are Cut Down

Pvt. Ryan: McCord! I dropped my bazooka over there! get it and take out that MG nest!

McCord Picks up the Bazooka

Danny: You Got It! Nail Em!

McCord Destroys The MG Nest

Mustang 1: We need to go deliver high priority ordnance on a different target, we'll be back in two minutes over

Frank Ernest: Roger That, We'll Be Here

Mustang 1: Copy, Good Luck

Several Smoke Grenades Go Off, The Russian Counterattack has begun

Danny: Enemy Counter Attack! McCord! Get the Browning and Hold Em Off

McCord: Roger

McCord Picks up the M1919 Browning

Danny: Spray Em Down!

After two minutes have passed, The P-51s return, dropping bombs on the attacking enemies.

Mustang 1: We're Back, You Guys Miss Us?

Frank Ernest: You Have No Idea

Danny: McCord and Ryan! climb the ladder and spot targets for the P-51s!

McCord and Ryan Climb the ladder and begin to point out targets

Mustang 1: I see it movin in (said after a target is spotted)

Mustang 1: Target Destroyed (Said after destroying a target)

Frank Ernest: All Targets Destroyed, move into that bunker and clear it out

After The Bunker Is Cleared

Frank Ernest: McCord, go plant those charges

After McCord Places the Charges

Frank Ernest: Stand Back and Blow the wall

After McCord Destroys The Wall, M-26 Tanks Begin Moving Through the Hole, One Stays By The Squad.

Danny: Regroup at the Tank!

The Player Regroups

Level Ends

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