"With my opponents out to assassinate me every day, I need protection and someone to carry out my order to the letter. He's done it time and time again. My personal assassin will not be transferred to more freaks just so they can be back up to full strength, they can take out platoons by themselves!"
―Rain's previous commander, refusing to transfer Rain to Silver Team.

Rain, (real name unknown) is a LANCER supersoldier that served Silver Team during the World War III.

Date of Birth

January 30, 1996 Anaheim, California

Date of Death

July 17, 2018 Earth Stratosphere (Age 22)




5' 11"


168 lbs. (203 in armor)

Blood Type







Assassin, Scout


M21 EBR, USP .45, SCAR-H, Any weapon picked up in Call of Duty: Project LANCER


LANCER Recon Mask, LANCER MK II ballistic armor


War on Terror, World War III


Unknown previous commander (Before transfer to the 37th), 37th Special Shock Division


Early LifeEdit

Rain was born on January 30, 1996 in Anaheim, California. Almost nothing is available on Rain's childhood and adolescent years. It is implied that he grew up around weapons and taking lives. He would later join the military, been accepted into the LANCER project, serving under a classified commander. He was most likely assimilated into the Phantoms unit.

Sometime in his military career he was involved in a project with the prototype Raven jet. He used these skills as a pilot against insurgents in Maputo.

Later he became a member of Silver Team and fought during the World War III, helping the legendary squad win many pivotal battles. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself to stop Russia's final attack against the US by using the Silent Eagle fighter jet to halt a WMD from impacting the US' final stand.

Rain is the main playable character in Call of Duty: Project LANCER.

Personality and TraitsEdit

As with his appearance, his personality is also hidden. Remarked to be a skilled assassin and in the past, has gone solo during missions in direct violation of orders, much to the dismay of his commanders. In addition, Rain's previous commander was reluctant to transfer, previously using the LANCER as his "personal assassin"

However, despite his lethal background, he remains completely silent in both the story and the game save for grunts and screams of pain. Unlike Shadow, Joel Jackson and Magnum who speak during cinematic and seldom talk during gameplay. He frequently befriends soldiers, civilians and LANCERs alike. In the end, he is unafraid of his demise and accepts his doomed fate to sacrifice himself in stopping the CHAOS bomb.

Rain has an impressive background on both Russian and Western weaponry. He is also quite skilled with a knife and even unarmed. Those who know the supersoldier often picture him and his knife with several dead bodies.


  • Rain is a confirmed playable character in Wave Defense mode. He is the default character.

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