The Random-O-Cola Machine is a Perk-a-Cola vending machine costs 3000 points.

There is also a new Perk-a-Cola which can only be gotten from this machine.


The vending machine give you a diffrent Perk-a-Cola every round (eg If you bought this on round 14 and it give you speed cola next round that would change into a diffrent Perk-a-Cola such as Stamin-Up).

Perk-a-Colas that can be givenEdit

  • Juggernog
  • Speed Cola
  • Double Tap Root Beer
  • Quick Revive
  • PhD Flopper
  • Stamin-Up
  • Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Mule Kick (note this perk is slitly diffrent if goten from this machine)
  • Punch Juice (new Perk-a-Cola only gettable from this machine)

Mule Kick diffrenceEdit

There is a diffrence with Mule Kick if it's gotten from this machine because you would lose your weapon you bought for it after the round is over. So insted of the player having to buy a new gun the are give one of the follwing:

  • Skullcrusher (Pack-a-Punched M16)
  • AUG-5OM3 (Pack-a-Punched AUG)
  • G115 Generator (Pack-a-Punched G11)
  • Predator (Pack-a-Punched Commando)
  • Ray Gun (not Pack-a-Punched)

How ever players can buy weapons over these if they chose but it would be pointless as they would lose it next round.

Punch JuiceEdit


Punch Juice perk icon

Punch Juice is a Perk-a-Cola which can only be gotten from the Random-O-Cola machine (which makes it's cost 3000 points).

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