Raphael Ratko Stankić


February 28th 1925

Place of Birth


Ethnic Background



Cila (Mother) Pavel (Father) Marija-Elena Modrić (Girlfriend/Common law wife) Mišo Modrić (common law step-son


Vodnik (Sergeant)

Weapon of Choice

Thompson 1928 and MG-34

Template:Spoiler This Contains Plot Details

Raphael was born to two school teachers Pavel Stankić and Cila Stankić (née Župan). Despite his parents' occupations and his education many including his best friend Mišo Franić (who's uneducated) see him as stupid or idiotic. This is because of his somewhat forgetful yet over caring nature. But sometime after the battle of Sutjeska he became more mature due to the loss of his best friend but also realizing he'll be a step father.

In the earlier part of the story Raphael along with Mišo is the love interest of Marija-Elena Modrić, a young and beautiful Dalmatian nurse. However Marija-Elena ends up going with Mišo and even becomes pregnant with him but after his death, Marija-Elena with no other choice and needing someone to help parent her child goes with Raphael.

Raphael has also good relations with Nikola Vidić, a Serbian vodnik and his former squad leader before Raphael himself gets promoted to vodnik. He acts sort of like a moral guide for Raphael and sort of a father figure. But is overall his best friend after Mišo dies despite an eight year age difference.

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