Rebirth is the name of the second fan fiction by JerryWiffleWaffle.


Now that the Second Russo-American War has ended, Iraq and other multiple middle-eastern countries devise a plan on taking control of the world, creating an alliance called the MEI (Middle East Insurgents). The rest of the world, namely the United Nations, must stop this alliance at once, such as sending multiple sniper teams, deploying attack teams, and having special op teams assassinate the Insurgents' leader, Sadim Asad.

Notable characters in the story


X-Ray 909 (of Task Force 315)


The universal Task Force logo

  • Captain Portman
  • Andrew "Rover" Killings
  • Brendan "Ox" Lima
  • Paul "Nova" Arlington
  • John "Forge" Newman

Charlie Team (U.S. Marines)

  • Captain Lee
  • Sergeant Steve Turner
  • Sergeant [unknown first name] Gordon
  • Lieutenant [unknown first name] Fitch
  • Other Marines

Sniper Team Two (of United Nations Sniper Teams)

  • Captain Royce Berg
  • Lieutenant Shawn Clinton

Zulu 6 (of Task Force 711)

  • Captain Georg "Korr" Haas
  • Staff Captain Sergei "Viper" Badanov
  • Lieutenant Michael "Roz" Graham


Russian Ultranationalists

  • Sasha Likov (leader, creator)
  • General Mikal Kamarov
  • General Yuzo Makarov
  • Colonel Arin Neda

Iraqi Forces

  • Leader Sadim Asad
  • General Lefa Haduu
  • Colonel Gaello Poch
  • Arms Dealer Jhalla Fardi

Imperial Japan

  • Emperor Keiichi Nakamura
  • General Toshiro Yamato
  • General Kasaki Noyo
  • General Ryu Amasawa
  • General Fat Yun-Li


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