Red Dawn is set in the year 2021 when an uprising begins in china. Aleksi Bizon a Russian PLA General is at the centre of it. He believes that Russia is the greatest country in the world and that Russia should conquer over all other countrys starting with the US. He does share these intentions with anybody else except his allies in Russia, instead he states that China should be the supreme country. He intends to use the Chinese Army as his force to attack the US and when the States are conquered Russia will rule them. The US gets word of this and sends a Strike Force into China to kill Bizon. This operation will be known as Operation Red Dawn.                                                                                  


Conor Felix Johnson

David Aztec Anderson

Drake Henderson                                                                            

Cpt. Jason Brooks

Aleksi Bizon

Charlie 01 (Lt. Miller)

Charlie 02 (Sgt. Carmine)  

Command Sgt. Harper 

*This story is under constructionEdit

Chapter 1-Early resistance Edit

West China                                                                                                                                                         21st of May 2021

Felix woke up to the sound of the rotars on top of the Black Hawk he was in. He checked his watch, it was 09:30 in the morning and the sun had just rised over the green fields his squad was crossing. 'How much longer' he asked Anderson who seemed to have been awake all night. '4 hours' Anderson responded. Felix looked outside over the many fields of green covering the mountains. There was a few small wooden shacks scatered over the huge landscape but most were abandoned. The mountains seemed to wave up and down some lay low and others rised up into the sky which made it hard for the pilots to navigate their way through the hills. Felix did'nt know where he was going only Anderson knew as he was the leader of the squad. By this time the whole squad was awake and ready for action as they flew closer to civilisation. It was only now when Felix relised how many Black Hawks were sorrouding his helicopter. The view of tall hills and green fields had now fanished and he was staring at an army on their way to battle. 'Where we stoppin' off?' Brooks asked holding his rifle tightly. Anderson looked around himself before turning back to Brooks. 'Right now we're crossing the mountains of Xinjiang' Anderson told the squad 'in about 3 or 4 hours we'll be landing in Qinghai, we'll drop off at our barac--"Just as Anderson was about to finish his sentence a loud explosion sounded from behind the helicopter, Felix peeked out of it to see one of the Black Hawks fall from the sky, flames sluttering from the side of it as it crashed to the ground sending debris scatering over the hills. Then another 2 RPG's fired and barely missed the squads helicopter but hit the other behind them. Following up to this, a company of Chinese soldiers jumped out of the hills and began fireing at the Black Hawks that were'nt already downed. Felix cocked his M4 and began shooting at the enemy soldiers as his helicopter circled over the battlefield. Then suddenly another RPG was fired in the direction of the squads helicopter and hit the rotars sending the helicopter spiraling out of control. 'HANG ON!' Anderson shouted to the squad as they fell from the air in the Black Hawk. Felix then closed his eyes and held on to the side of the helicopter as it fell to the ground. As sone as the helicopter fell it was englufed in flames and smoke was making it hard for the squad to breath. They all got out except Felix who was trapped by one of the large rotars which was lying on his back as the flames burned and scared him. Felix's skin went dry and cracked as the flames engulfed him. He then saw Henderson in the distance fighting off enemy soldiers as he made his way towards Felix, who's face was already half mutilated as the flames got hotter. 'Felix, hold on', Henderson shouted as he ran rapidly towards him. Henderson grapped one of the red hot rotars and through it away as quick as he could, as it was burning his hand. He then got the other one and with all his strenght lifted it off Felix's body as it snaped in half, triggering a small explosion. The once green grass was now blackened and turned to ashes as the fire from the burning helicopters spread across the battlefield, and dead body's lay on the ground before being incinerated before the eyes of friendly soldiers. This was the sight that Felix saw as Henderson carried him back to the squad who were taking cover behind a large rock. 'Get 'em over here!', Anderson shouted as Henderson lay Felix down in front of the squad. Brooks took out his bottle and then dropped the water over Felix, making a sizzling noise as it hit his burning face. "How ya feeling feeling, Conor?" Brooks asked neeling down to Felix. Conor, the name brooks called him was his first name which he hadn't been called since he left the US all those weeks ago. It incuraged him to respond to Brooks, "Im...f-fine" he croaked. Brooks looked up nervously at the battle, "You want a drink" he asked ignoring Felix's last comment. Felix nodded and took the drink Brooks was giving to him, before dropping it over his face and yet again triggering the sizzling sound. "Better?" Anderson asked. Felix breathed heavily before wiping the cold sweat off his face. "I-Im okay" he gasped. Henderson pulled out XM8 and realoded. "Enough with this shit"  he said, "Brooks you stay with Felix, he cant fight like this" Anderson took a last glimpse at Felix and then signaled Henderson to move up. Felix lay there watching the battlefield, the sight hadn't changed since the battle started. Still fires grew and soldiers burned. He watched as an RPG soared through the air and hit a small cliff close to him. The soldier taking cover behind it was mutilated by the small pieces of rock flying in different directions. Felix watched as the soldier crawled towards them pleading for help, Brooks took a few glances from Felix to the soldier. But he was too late the soldier dropped his hand and closed his eyes, Felix looked at him hopelessly. Felix's attention was then diverted clompletley as a hind rose up from the hills. The gun then began to open fire on enemy soldiers. "Whats goin' on"?, Felix asked as the chinese retreated back over the hills. "Lets go" Brooks said putting an arm over Felix's shoulder and dragging him back to the chopper. Anderson and Henderson were there loading other wounded soldiers in to it. "Their friendly" Anderson told Brooks, reading the expression on his face. "I know that" Brooks responded, looking at the smoking miniguns. The squad then loaded Felix into the helicopter. "Where t-they bringing me"? he croaked. "You're heading to our barracks in Qinghai" Anderson told him, "We'll be there a few hours after you arrive". The helicopter than rose up again and Felix watched the flames from the Black Hawks die out and create clouds of black smoke which scattered over the hill, ascending them into darkness.

Chapter 2-AftermathEdit

Unknown Military Barracks                                                                                                                                                21nd of May 2021

Felix sat in the helicopter for about 3 hours and by the time he landed he'd already lost large amounts of blood. His face was still bloodied and mutilated. Felix was then rushed to the hospital wing and lay there on a bed for hours, looking out of the window, at the sun setting over the dusty roads. "Qinghai?" he thought, "Where the fucks that". He checked his watch which was lying on the bedside table, 06:27 it read. His gear was also on the table, he took off his dog tags from his vest and excamined it, twirling them through his fingers. 'Conor "Felix" Johnson', was written on the front. He turned it over, revealing the words BETA Squad and a picture of two crossed M16's. The same was written on the other one. Outside he could hear the sound of a helicopter landing and he edged towards the window to see if it was his squad. But it was just more wounded soldiers, one of them, Felix saw, had his left arm mutilated beyond recognation. Another ones neck was bleeding heavily, dripping blood over the ground. Felix picked up the mirror on the table and examined his reflection. It was no different sight to any of the other wounded soldiers, his forehead was the most mutilated part and was covered in dried blood. His left eye was red and blood was dripping down from it. His hair was burned and crumbled whenever he touched it. Felix dropped the mirror and continued to stare out the window. It was getting dark outside and the squad still weren't back. Felix was sick of lying on the bed, he wanted to get up and back to the action. He looked down at his chest. It was badly marked from the burning rotars and was still sizzling. Just then Felix heard a large thump coming from outside the building.  He turned to see a black hawk landing outside the window and from it jumped Henderson, Brooks and Anderson. Brooks noticed Felix looking and shot a short grin at him before following the rest of the squad. In a few minutes the squad were back with Felix and were deep in conversation concerning the previous battle. "They must be stationed in the hill area" Henderson said, staring out of the window. "They know we're coming, and where from too". It was dark outside now but Felix didn't feel a bit tired, he wondered when him and his squad were getting back to the battlefield. He then heard a beeping noise and saw it was Hendersons phone. "One minute" he said getting up and walking out of the room. "Whats he up to" Brooks asked when Henderson had left the room. "Does it matter" Anderson said, staring out the window. "It's getting late, you need you're sleep, Felix" he added, walking towards the door with Brooks beside him. Felix got out of the bed, clutching his stomach as he limped towards the window. Over the road he could see a few buildings. Then he turned around, still clutching his stomach as it stinged painfully. "Where the fuck am I" he said to himself.                                                                                "I'ts only day one and I've already got my face blown up" thought                                                                      "Whats next?", "And what the fuck is this about anyway, who the fuck's Aleksi Bizon?"                                                      All these thoughts circled through his mind as he continued to stare outside the window before retuning back to the bed and lying there, motionless, looking up at the ceiling before falling asleep in his thoughts.

Chapter 3-DownfallEdit

Unknown Military Barracks, China                                                                                                                                                           22nd of May 2021

When Felix woke in the morning he went straight out the door of the room he was in, down a long corridor, into an armory and out the door. The sun stinged his eyes which only increased the pain surging through his body. He kicked the dust he was standing on, shading his eyes from the sun. "Hey, Felix get the fuck back here!" Felix turned around to see Brooks.                                                                                                                             "Dude, what the fuck are you doing? said Brooks as he ran towards Felix.                   

"I'm sick of lying in that fucked up bed..." Felix muttered as Brooks brought him back inside.                                   "Whats wrong with you" he said as he sat Felix down on the bed.                                                                       "I'm fine" Felix said "My...heads fine"                                                                                                                   "Give it a rest Johnson" Brooks told him as Felix attempted to get up again, placing a hand on his chest.                             "I'm not getting any better lying in a bed" Felix said to him.                                                                                   Just then the door burst open and Anderson entered.

"What's going on?" he said, eyeing Felix and Brooks.                                                                                                    "This guy here" Brooks said raising his eyebrows at Felix "Has gone fucking insane"                                                     "Felix, what's going on?" Anderson asked Felix.                                                                                                          "Felix, you need some rest"                                                                                                                                                                               "Im fine" Felix said, looking up at Anderson.                                                                                                        "It only takes one shot barely skimming your forehead, and your head'll explode" Brooks said hitting Felix hard on his back.                                                                                                                                                          "Well I'm not fucking going back to action soon" Felix said, turning to Brooks "Let's check out Qinghai"                 Brooks took a darting look at Anderson,                                                                                                               "What'do think" he said "It's nationalist run, we're in no danger"                                                                           "Felix is in no state to go anywhere" Anderson said firmly before exiting the room. "Anderson's right, you need some rest" Brooks said, following Anderson out the door. Felix lay back down in the bed and wondered when he was going to get back to the battlefield. He agreed with Brooks and Anderson that he was in no state to go anywhere as his head still stinged agonisingly. But he still longed to get his gear back on and hold his rifle again. Then suddenly he heard shouting outside and the unmistakble sound of someone getting punched in the face. He reached out to his bedside table and grabbed his pistol. He checked the mag before jumping out of bed and cautiously moving to the door. He looked through the keyhole and saw Henderson getting cornered by two men holding pistols. "We need you back" one of them said. Henderson looked up at the men and Felix now saw his face was covered in blood. "" Henderson gasped. The second man then pucnched him in the face splattering blood over the floor. "Where is he" The first man said. "Im done with you guys" Henderson said "I dont know...where he is". "Well if thats the case, you're no use to us" The man said, cocking his pistol. "Unless you want to tell us where the files are, Operation Downfall is still in play and we're not afraid to go to extreme measures to complete our objective". "You fucking traitor" Henderson said "You're only after the money, you'll do anything to get it...even make allies with Bizon". "If it comes to that we will, now I'll ask you again" the man said, pointing his pistol to Henderson's forehead "Where...are... the files". "Go to hell" Henderson said. Just then Felix burst open the door and shot the man twice in his leg. Henderson grabbed the other mans pistol and punched him in the face before unloading the whole mag into his stomach. He then picked up the other mans pistol and holstered it. "What the fucks going on" Felix asked him staring down at the man holding his leg in pain. "I'll tell you later, but first of all we need to get out of here" Henderson said. He then began kicking the man in his face. Blood splattered the floor and just added to the mess that was already growing in the hallway. Henderson didn't stop kicking until the man was knocked out or as Felix thought dead. Henderson then slung the mans body over his shoulder. "You get the other guy" he said to Felix who nodded and took the dead body. "Lets get out of here quick before anyone finds us" Henderson said, "they must of heard that" he added. "Where the fuck are we going?" Felix asked. "I'll tell you everything later" Henderson responded. Felix followed Henderson down the hallway until they entered a room on the left of the corridor. There was a flight of stairs leading down at the end of it which Felix followed Henderson down. After 45 minutes walking they finnaly reached a metal door. There was a control panel on the left of it with numbers 1 to 10 on the screen. Henderson took out his knife and stabbed it into it. Sparks flew from the broken screen and the door automaticlly opened. They were now facing what looked like an underground car park. There was five tanks at the end of it and 4 jeeps on either side of the wall which was running 10 metres from the back wall. "Follow me" Henderson said as he entered a jeep and threw the mans body into the back. Felix adjusted his grip on the dead body he was holding and entered the jeep. All the pain he once had was now gone in all the action and Felix felt truly ready to fight again. "So, what the fuck is going on?" Felix said as he threw the body beside the other one. Henderson pushed his foot down on the exhaust and drove up a ramp at the end of the park, Felix assumed it was leading them out of the ground. "What the hell is Operation Downfall?" Felix added. "It's a long story" Henderson said. "Well I've got time" Felix finished as he lay back in his seat. "Ok then" Henderson said, "Did I ever tell you I'm in the CIA?". "What?" Felix gasped. "Yeah, back in 2019 during the start of Bizons uprising he offered some CIA fucks a load of money. All they had to do was hand over some documents and the money would be theirs. See the thing was, these documents contained blueprints for WMDs. If Bizon was to get his hands on them he would have this war over in a--". "Wait, since I found out I was heading here nobody told me who the fuck Bizon is" Felix said, "I mean they told us about the uprising and stuff but they didn't tell us one fuck about the operation or who he is". "That can wait" Henderson said. "You wanna know about Operation Downfall, then keep you're fucked up mouth shut. Now as I was saying the US would've already been wiped out if Bizon got his hands on the blueprints. I was sent in as leader of a 5 man squad to hand over the documents, I told the members of my squad to abort with me but they dissagreed. I shot them all before transffering the documents into my laptop. I burned the documents and reported the CIA guys. Allthough as the files still existed and Bizon still wanted them some CIA guys thought or think that they can get the files, give them to Bizon and receive the money" He beckoned to the two bodies in the back. "What the fuck are supposed to do with them" Felix said as he turned to look at the bodies. "We'll dump 'em when we get out of this fucking tunnel" Henderson said. Felix looked up. They were now ascending a dark tunnel. Guns were lying on the floor of it and green paint splattered the walls. The tunnel then took a turn to left and sloped up even more. "Dude are we just going to abandon the whole Operation?" Felix exclaimed. "Look, if we go back to the barracks they'll find us, this isn't some fucked up drunken cartel, its the CIA" Henderson responded. "This is fucked" Felix muttered to himself as a ray of sunshine caught his eye. "Here we are" Henderson said. The tunnel lit up a bit, sun was shining from a opening to the right of Felix and Henderson. Henderson drove right and finnaly faced a wooden wall. Planks of wood were randomly stuck together and left cracks inbetween for the sun to shine through. Henderson pushed his foot down on the accelerator and smashed right through the wood, leaving himself and Felix facing 30 soldiers each heavily armed and pointing their weapons at them.

Chapter 4-Out of the frying pan into the fireEdit

Qinghai, China                                                                                                                                                           22nd of May 2021

Henderson released his grip on the steering wheel and put his hands up. "What the fuck are you doing" Felix said. "Put your hands up and shut up" Henderson responded. "Fuck this" Felix exclaimed, he grapped the pistol in Henderson's holster and began randomly shooting at the soldiers facing him. Henderson ducked down as the soldiers opened fire on the truck. "FELIX, GET THE FUCK DOWN!!!" He shouted as he grapped Felix and threw him to the floor of the car. "WHAT THE FUCKS WRONG WITH YOU!" Henderson shouted over the sound of gunfire. "We need to get the hell out of here" He added. Felix stuck the pistol out the now broken window and shot a few bullets at the enemy soldiers. "Okay" He responded. Henderson broke open the door and ran behind a destroyed tank. Felix followed. "Who the fuck are these guys" He asked. "Ultranationalists" Henderson responded. "I thought this place was Nationalist run" said Felix. Henderson shrugged. "Come on!" He said. Felix followed him into a building to their left, barely dodging enemy fire. They went up stairs and entered a corridor. "So we're supposed to just hide out here" said Felix through gritted teeth. Henderson kicked open a door on the left wall. Inside a pile of rifles were stacked up in the center. "Take this" Henderson said, handing Felix a SCAR-L assault rifle. Felix cocked the rifle and waited as Henderson reloaded an AAC Honey Badger. Suddenly gunfire rattled the corridor. "We've got company" Henderson said as Felix and himself checked their weapons one more time before bursting out of the armory. A squad of 5 chinese soldiers were advancing on them, each holding M4's. Felix and Henderson opened fire on the soldiers and before they could react they were lying on the floor, blood pouring from their wounds. Felix turned his face away from the soldiers a look of slight horror on his face. "You think thats sick?" Henderson said, "Take a look in a mirror". Felix barely touched his forehead and a stinging pain came across it. "Fuck that" He said. Henderson stuck the barrel of his gun out the window. "The bastards are moving up, we gotta take 'im on" he informed Felix who nodded and reloaded his gun. "Lets go". They ran down the stairs into the living area of the house. "Looks like we got a way out" Felix exclaimed, pointing at a door at the back of the room. Henderson nodded and leaded Felix out the door. They were now standing in the middle of a road. To the east they could see a small village. The weather was searing hot and not one cloud covered the sky. "New plan" Henderson said, "Lets get the fuck outta here". Just then the wall behind them exploded sending debri over the road. Ultranationalists ran out at them firing their weapons. "Follow me!" Henderson shouted as he ran into the road stopping in front of a car. Felix ran towards him after emptying his mag on the Ultranationalists. "Get in" Henderson said as he opened the door of the car, throwing its driver out of it. Felix entered the car after henderson, taking the driving seat. "Here we go" He said as he pushed his foot down on the exhaust, barely dodging enemy fire. Felix drove straight down the road as Henderson fired his weapon out the window. The city that was Qinghai was now coming into view. The shapes of the buildings were visible through the sunlight and Felix now saw what was heading towards him. "Go faster!" Henderson shouted over the sound of his own gunfire.

Felix could now see civilians in the distance, muttering about the chase that was going on. As Henderson shot at the truck they screamed and ran to cover. "Where the fuck are we supposed to be going" Felix said. Henderson didn't respond. He gripped the handguard of his gun tightly. "Call Anderson, we need reinforcements" He finnaly said. Felix looked at him nervously. 

"You've just killed 2 CIA operatives" He said, "What'll they say about that"

Yet again Henderson didn't respond, he was breathing heavily. "Stop the jeep" He said.

"What?" Felix gasped, "Why?"

"Just do it" Henderson said through grittted teeth. Felix lifted his foot off the accelerator and the car came to an abrubt stop. Henderson took one last look at Felix before bursting open the door of the car and firing on the truck. "Fuck" Felix thought.

The windows on the truck had shattered from Henderson's gunfire and blood was pouring down the windsheild. The truck had stopped and Felix heard shouts from inside it. Suddenly there was a crashing noise and the back door of the truck fell open. A storm of rusty red was heading towards Henderson, and Felix soon realised it was the Ultranationalists. He watched as Henderson opened fire on them, catching them by suprise. There was shouts of confuzement from them as there team mates fell to the ground. They turned to Henderson who was reloading his weapon. Felix's head was spinning, he knew Henderson would die if he didn't do anything. But before he could think of something he heard Henderson shout to him.

"Get the hell out of here!" He shouted.

Felix didn't move. The Ultranationalists were raising their weapons. It all seemed to be happening in slow motion, Henderson was shouting at him to run, but yet he sat there staring down at his rifle. And without thinking he grabbed it, pulled back the bolt and opened fire. More Ultranationalists fell but their number was still large. Henderson was screaming at Felix as the Ultranationalists turned their weapons to him.


Henderson fired at the Ultranationalists aswell. For a minute Felix thought he had given up on his campaign of
driving him away but as he watched Henderson run forward into the line of gunfire and fall to the ground when the bullets hit him he realised he was wrong. Blood poured from his chest and spread over the road. Felix dropped his weapon in shock. Henderson was still alive, Felix could see his chest rising up and down. 3 Ultranationalists ran foward to him and dragged him back to the truck. This was Felix's chance, it was what Henderson injured himself for. He grabbed the driving wheel and pressed his foot down on the accelerator. The jeep burst alive and made its way down the road at a speed more greater than 70mph. He didn't know what to do. Him and Henderson had just escaped 2 CIA operatives before having to battle with Ultranationalists. And now Henderson was being drove away in a truck full of them. Many thoughts spun through his head "From 2 CIA operatives to 30 Chinese fucks, 'Out of the frying pan into the fire"

Chapter 5-Phase 1Edit

Qinghai China                                                                                                                                                 23rd of May 202

Felix had been driving randomly through the streets of Qinghai since the battle. The event had attracted much attention from the people of Qinghai. He had thrown the bodies away in an abandoned car. At 9 o'clock he booked into a hotel in the center of the city. He had wanted more action and he had got it. He woke early in the morning without any intentions of doing anything. The vision of Henderson running into the fire replayed over and over again in his mind. He checked his phone; He had 11 messages and 20 missed calls. He checked the messages. The first one was from Brooks: "Where've you got to Felix? There's bloodstains in the hall, shortly before we saw them we heard gunfire". He checked the rest; all the same except the last one. It was from Anderson and was sent the night before: "Felix, we've had reports of a firefight in the outskirts of Qinghai. Witnesses say they saw a truck chasing a jeep. We've also lost contact with Henderson, meet me outside The Lee Hotel at 11am tommorow, refuse, then risk demotion". Felix dropped the phone on his bed. He stared pointlessly at the wall of his room. And then after a few minutes thinking he again picked up his phone. He dialled Anderson's number and waited. It seemed like hours until the call was finnaly received and when it was Felix rushed to pick it up again.

"Anderson?" He gasped through the phone.

"Felix, is that you?" He heard Anderson say.

"Anderson,...Henderson's g-gone" Felix croaked.

"What?, what's going on?" Anderson responded

"Let's have that meeting a little earlier" Felix finished before ending the call. He stared out the window of his room and watched the cars go by. He checked his watch; it was 09:30. He excited his room and followed a long corridor lined with rooms on both sides. He reached the elevator, pressed the button and waited for it to open. He hastily entered as the door slid to the left before closing again. He ruffled through his pockets and felt something cold inside. He took the thing out; it was a pair of dog tags. On it was the name Drake Henderson. He closed his eyes as he put the dog tags back in his pockets. Finnaly he heard a beeping noise and the door slid back open. He walked out the elevator into the crowded entrance hall where he made for the door. As he walked outside a warm air caught the back of his neck. The sun was shining brightly and there was no clouds in sight. Although for Felix the weather was too hot and he resorted to taking his jumper off. Only now did he realise that he was still wearing his army t-shirt. Civilians were pointing at him and talking to each other about his choice of cloathing and after seeing him walk past them his burns too. He took out his phone and checked a map of the area; The Lee Hotel was aparrently 50 metres to his right and as he turned around he saw a saw a huge tower-like hotel bearing the sign The Lee Hotel. He put his phone away and started in the direction of the hotel. He could see 2 people outside the hotel sitting down on a bench and even from his distance could recognise one of them as Anderson. He continued towards the hotel wondering who the other man was. Felix looked up to the top of the hotel and could see a group of people putting together what looked like a large teloscope. He stopped walking as he finnaly reached Anderson and the other man. "Felix, take a seat" Anderson said. "Right, Anderson, I'll see you later" The other man said before getting up and walking away. "Who's that?" Felix asked as he watched the man walk away. "Thats Sergeant Christopher Carmine, he'll be assisting us on our next mission" Anderson responded, "Now, you know why I brought you here" He added. " know about Operation Downfall?" said Felix. "Operation-wait how do you know?" Anderson exclaimed, looking startled. "Henderson" Felix siad. "Ok, start from the begining" Anderson said.                                                                                                                                                                        

"Ok...'few minutes after you and Brooks left my room I heard shouting outside. I grabbed my pistol and moved towards the door. Through the keyhole I could see some guys cornering Henderson, they were asking him questions. Anyway, when he didn't respond they punched him and put a gun to his forehead. I came in just in time and killed the bastards, me and Henderson then went down these stairs into an underground carpark. We jumped into a jeep and drove through a tunnel. I asked him who those guys were and he said they were in the CIA. He then told me about Operation Downfall, he said the CIA guys were looking for the files. Long story short, we had a battle with the Ultranationalists...they got Henderson".                                                                                                        

Anderson looked at him as if trying to decide if he was telling the truth are not. "Ok" he said, "We'll send a rescue mission to get 'em, right now we need to go over the objective of out next- "Wait, you're not going to do anything?" Felix asked, "Henderson has the Operation Downfall files, he's bound to break". "I'll contact the commander, but right now we need to go over our next mission" said Anderson. Felix gave a short nod, "I though you brought me here to disscus Henderson" He said. "Well, unless you wanna tell me anything else" Anderson responded.           "No" said Felix.

"Ok then" Anderson started, "We have the right to beleive that we've got a possible location of an Ultranationalist HQ, we're sending in a squad of 4 which you will lead" At these words Felix shot a look up at Anderson, "Why me?" He asked. "Because this is why you're here" Anderson responded, "Why else would we send a douschebag like you to China. Or put him in Strike Force Bravo. When we give it the all go, you'll be the one going in to kill Bizon". 

Felix mouthed the words 'what the fuck' but was shaken off by Anderson who was continuing his breifing; "A team of 2 snipers will be assiting your squad on their way in and out, you will be brought to the hiding place by an CH-53E". "And Felix" He said, "Try not to destroy your face this time"

9 hours later                                                                                                                                                                "Delta Echo Five, this is sniper team 2. Awaiting orders" 

"Roger that team 2, we're about 2 kilometres from the objective point, out" 

Felix looked around at his squad; they seemed much more calm then he was and looked as if they were the ones who should be giving the orders. He hadn't had much time to learn who they were, but knew that they were all former SEALs. He checked his G3's mag before cocking it and ordered the rest to do the same. The sky was pitch black as it was just past 1 in the morning. He pulled out his silenced MP7; he would use this weapon until he gave the 'go loud' order. He looked outside the helicopter. They were flying over rocky hills and small gorges. Suddenly they heard shouting echoing through the air. 

"Rise to cloud cover" Felix ordered the pilot and as he did the helicopter rose into the sky until they were covered in a cloud of whispy air. Only now had he realised that the other soldiers of his squad were looking had his mutilated forehead as it was still fresh. He turned his face away from them and unsheated his survival-knife, before sticking it into his seat. He grabbed his bag and looked through it where he found a Tactical-knife which replaced his survival one. He again looked out the helicopter; they were nearing a large, rocky downhill which went about 75 metres straight down. 

"This is it" Felix said.

"Roger" 02 responded. The helicopter then lowered dramatically until it was only metres from the ground and was edging towards the downhill. Felix slung his bag over his soldiers and grabbed his MP7. He then checked his protective gloves and as the helicopter reached the ledge, ordered the squad to get the rappeling hook. 

"Here you are sir" said the coporal, handing Felix the hook. Felix slung it over the landing bars and took position on it. "On me" He told the squad before jumping off the bars and turning his head towards the ground in midair. As he fell closer to the ground he could no longer see the helicopter and let go off the hook. The air rushed around his body and his cold pain only extended when he hit the river below. The bear parts of his body stung like hell as he fell down towards the bottom of the river. He pushed his microphone up to his mouth.

"Team 2, this is Delta Echo in position"

"Roger that, 5, we got some activity on the roof. Awaiting orders"

Felix swam up towards the ledge of the river. He looked up at the building; 10 soldiers were stationed there, each holding a M4 or operating a turret. 

"Take 'em out team 2" Felix ordered. He pushed himself down from the ledge into the water, taking a breath in just in time. He heard the sound of rifles firing and the shouts of falling soldiers. More shouting then a large thoud as an enemy fell from the roof. 

"Delta 5, the roof is clear" Came the voice over the radio "You're clear to move up"

"Roger that team 2, we'll contact you when we're on our way out" 

Felix took another breath before ordering the rest of the squad to jump. In minutes they were all down in the river with him. 

"Let's go" He said before plunging back into the water, closely followed by the rest of the squad. They followed Felix to the very bottom of the river before going straight on towards the building. From the river they could see the stilts holding the building into place. The demolitions expert swam foward and planted explosives on them, before giving Felix the thumbs up. Felix beckoned the squad foward towards the back of the large compound. One by one they rose up out of the water and waited by the side of the river. Felix followed. As he go out of the water himself he tilted his MP7's sights to the left, water fell out of them and hit the ground. They were now standing by the back door of the building. There were some walls with holes in them and bullet marks scratched the surface. It was a large 5 story building, sorrounded by an even larger wall which the river run under. Felix nodded to the demolitions expert who tool out his clacker and pressed the button. There was a large explosion from below the building and it tilted foward. People inside shouted and as chaos struck the building, the squad burst through the back door into a large entrance hall. There was weapons scattered over the floor; A revolver, AK-12, Magpul PDW and 3 M4A1's. At the end of the hall there was a door and a flight of stairs. 

"03, check the next room" Felix ordered.

"Roger" 03 responded before breaking the door open. There was silence, then the sound of a gunshot. Felix turned to the door and, raising his MP7, ran in. 03 was at the end of the room, his pistol raised. Felix looked to his right where a civilian was standing, a revolver by his side. Blood was pouring from his stomach and he was groaning with pain. Felix closed his eyes and shot one bullet from his MP7 into the man's head. He then left the room, his weapon still raised. He leaded the squad up the stairs until they were facing a long corridor with doors on either side. The squad each entered a room at a time until there was only one left. Felix moved towards it cautiously. As he put his hand on the doornob he heard shouting from above him. Which was followed by more shouting from the room ahead of him. The squad turned around and took position by Felix. He took a deep breath and pushed the door open. 3 men were facing him; one looked American and the others Chinese. Just as he pressed his finger down on the trigger the American raised a pistol at him. His squad were by the doors and as they noticed this, they rushed in front of Felix and shot each of the men down. Only now could Felix take in the aspects of the room. There was a desk at the end of it, which papers were scattered over. At the right of the room was an open cupboard filled with files. Then shouting sounded from behind Felix. He could hear footsteps coming down towards them. He turned to the squad; "Go loud" He said as he took out his G3. The squad nodded and took out rifles of their own; Mostly SIG's and M4's. As the squad departed, Felix rushed to the papers on the desk. He picked one up; There was a picture of the world on it, lines were leading out from China and stopped at various countries, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, North and South Korea, Japan. Felix turned the paper over; he was facing a long scribble of words in Chinese. Below that was a picture of a building in a middle-eastern country. The number '10' was written on the picture and below that $1,000,750 was written. Felix didn't have time to look at all the papers as he heard shouts and more gunfire from above him. He grabbed all the papers and shoved them into his bag before collecting files from the cupboard. He then cocked his rifle and rushed out of the room. At the end of the corridor there was another flight of stairs. Blood was dripping down it and empty shells were scattered over the steps. Felix rushed up them into a large room full of beds and tables. His squad was taking cover by one of the beds as Ultranationalists rushed in. Felix raised his rifle and began shooting at the them as the squad got back up again. As soon as the room was cleared more Ultranationalists rushed in and opened fire on the squad. Felix responded with a burst of fire. The room was now covered in blood and the Ultranationalists were retreating upstairs. 

"I've got the files" Felix said in a low voice.

"Then lets get the fuck out'a here" 02 responded. Felix nodded. "BEHIND YOU!" 03 shouted. As Felix turned around he was met by the sight of an Ultranationalist with his knife raised in front of Felix. For a second he stared into the Ultranationalist's eyes. He looked young and reluctant to strike at Felix, who stayed still. 02 raised his gun. 

"Stand down!" Felix shouted, before turning to the Ultranationalist and pushing him out of the way. As Felix and the squad made their way down the stairs they heard more shouting from upstairs, one of the voices was young. Felix beckoned the squad to move up as he cautiously looked through the door. The young Ultranationalist was lying on the ground, a gun to his head. His voice trembled as he spoke to the Ultranationalists. They laughed as his words and the man holding the pistol cocked it and placed his finger on the trigger. Felix raised his rifle and sprayed bullets at them. They fell to the floor and added to the pile of bodies. 

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Felix heard one his squad's member shouting from below him. Felix ignored him and rushed into the room, he grabbed the Ultranationalist and dragged him down the stairs. He could hear even more shouting and footsteps rushing down stairs. He threw the Ultranationalist onto the floor. 

"Do you speak english?" He asked. The boy nodded. "What are doing here?" Felix continued. The Ultranationalist shaked. "I was forced here" He responded in a deep asian voice. "Leave him" 02 said. Yet again Felix ignored him. "Put them off course" He said, pointing to the sounds coming from upstairs "Then get out of this building" Felix finished. The Ultranationalist nodded and ran back up stairs. "Felix, we need to get out of here now!" 02 said in a strained voice. "Lets go" Felix agreed. They ran back down the corridors, their guns still raised. And down the stairs into the entrance hall. As they exited the building Felix realised it was still heavily tilted foward. Then suddenly storm off bullets flew down in front of them.

"Team 2, this is Delta Echo 5, we're on our way out. We got some resistance on the roof, I'm taging them now. Felix threw a sensor grenade up towards the roof. 

"Roget that, Delta 5, I got 'em on my sights" Felix heard more shouting and the sound of rifle fire. 

"Delta 5, your clear to move up. LZ is 100 metres west". 

"Roger". Felix got back into the river and swam down, the squad right behind him. As he swam he saw the sun barely peeking its head out. Like a ball of shining fire. The water was even colder then it was on his way in and his body stinged in pain. As he placed his hands on the rivers ledge he saw a figure running into the distance; he smirked to himself. "Good work" 02 said, noticing Felix watching. Felix hauled himself out of the river onto the dry rocky ground. He led the squad of the smoother left of the downhill towards the LZ. A ray of red sunshine caught the burns on Felix's forehead, illumanating them. Just then he heard shouts at the top of the downhill. 2 figures were standing there, guns by their side. "Lets get out of here!" Lt.Miller shouted to Felix as he saw him heading up the slant. Felix could hear a rumbling noise in the distance and saw a taned object break away from a cloud. The squad's grouped up and headed in the direction of the LZ. The ground was much more rocky at the top of the downhill then it was at the bottom. 02 blinked as the sun caught his eye but was blocked by the silhouette of a Chinook heading in their direction. A rope ladder dropped from the helicopter and skipped the ground as the helicoper lowered slightly. "Felix, hurry up!" Shouted a voice from the chinook. Felix ignored the thought of who the voice came from and ran to the ladder. He grapped the 2 sides of it and, placing his hand on each cloth-like bars as he went, hauled himself up, quickly followed by the rest. Felix slumped into one of the seats and blinked several times. All of BETA squad was inside the helicopter, with the exception of Henderson. Brooks and Anderson were looking at him, they were both wearing blood stained urban camoflauge shirts. A blue scarf was slung over Brooks's neck and Anderson had a tactical vest over his shirt. Blood was visible under a bandage worn on Brooks's arm. Felix straigtened up, another soldier was aboard the helicopter. He was holding his arm thightly and Felix could see blood trickling from it. His shoulder bore a bullet wound and his shirt a burn mark. His face was like Brooks and Andersons; stern and experienced, although he was younger then both and had a pailer face, blond hair and an insignia on his shoulder; a red star with a golden hammer and sickle. "Felix" Anderson began, "This is Nikolai Abramov, Hendersons replacement"

Chapter 6-Following the trails Edit

North west China                                                                                                                                                     23rd of May 2021

Felix didn't say anything, he was excamaning Nikolai carefully. Turning back to Anderson he spoke;

"He's still alive" Felix breathed. Anderson and Brooks exchanged nevous glances. "Felix, we've just come back from a mission to get Henders-" Anderson was cut off by Felix's words of outrage; "What?! Why the fuck wasn't I there too?!" "

Because you would've of killed yourself fighting" Brooks said "It was a top security prison and he was the only prisoner"

"You guys...failed" Felix croaked.

"He's dead've-"

"He's not dead" interrupted a voice. All 3 of them turned to Nikolai who had been the interruption.

"They wont kill him until they get the files" He said in a Russian accent. 

"He's right" Brooks agreed, "They'll keep him alive as long as the files still exist" Felix felt thanks for Nikolai for giving him hope, and only this let him abandon the subject. He opened his bag as the helicopter rose and its doors closed. He handed Anderson the paper he had aquired in the stronghold and watched him excamine it. 

"Why a Russian?" Felix whispered to him as Nikolai turned his head.

"You never heard of Bizon's past?" Anderson asked him. Felix said nothing and watched Anderson waitingly.

"I'll tell you when we get back to the base" Anderson responded, looking back to the papers. Felix lay back down in his seat and took out the other files and papers he found. The first 5 papers he looked at was blank. Looking at the next one he saw an armoury of weapons; a M4A1, AK-47, XM8, SCAR-L, Scorpian EVO, 45.ACP, a custom AK-74 variant titled "AK Mini" and a revolver with a foot long barrel and sniper scope. 

"You see this shit?" Anderson said to Felix as he passed the sheet to him.

"Yeah" Felix responded, "What you think it means?"

"Mabey" He hesitated "Well the picture of the world is'nt to hard to understand, Bizon's trying to make allies with these countries. But who knows 1 shit what the other side means?" Felix gave a short nod.

"Still, we should leave it to the professionals" Anderson finished. 

3 Hours later                                                                                                                                                   Outskirts of Chenghu

"当他来?" The Coporal asked his teamate. 

"不知道" The Sergent responded. He reached inside his jacket and felt around; He gripped a cold object tightly and realised, because of its weight and shape, that it was his revolver. They were expecting an "asset", as the Captain called him, to be meeting them soon. The Coporal turned around and entered the building behind him. The street was largely deserted and only once or twice in a minute a car drove past them. After another few minutes waiting a black land rover parked beside the building. The Sergent called the Coporal foward. The door of the jeep opened and a man in desert camoflauge shirt steped out. He was wearing black sunglasses and an engineer's cap was slung on top of his head. Removing the cap, he began to talk to the 2 men;

"任何地方,我们可以谈?" He said, meaning "anywhere we could talk?".

"快进来" The Sergant said as he led the man into the building. The 3 of them sat down at a table in the centre of the entrance hall. The man reached inside his pocket and pulled out his phone. He slid it down to the Sergent as a video played. A group of 10 soldiers were standing by a set of apartment blocks in what looked like a run down Chinese town. A jeep pulled up by the soldiers and a man jumped out. He talked to them and handed over a USB key, before getting back into the jeep. "这是什么?" The Sergent asked. The man looked around himself, more people were walking through the streets. "English only" he said. The Sergent nodded. "So what does it mean?" He asked. "Im only showing you our progess. We're passing around intel of our next mission to each squad taking part", The man responded. "What's the next mission?" The Sergent asked. "Its all on this" The man said as he slid  a metal platted USB to him, "Give it to the General" He finished. 

Back at the base, Sichuan.

"Here we our" Anderson said as the Chinook landed. The doors of it opened and the sunlight peirced Felix's eyes. He picked up his rifle and stepped out, closely followed by the 3 squads. He was now facing a large 3 story building. At the right of it was a glass-like 5 story tower and as the doors of it opened a man in a desert coloured uniform stepped out. His right shoulder bore a General's insignia which gleamed in the sun. "Brooks...Anderson" He gasped, "What happened?". "I think we should discuss that later" Anderson said, "Felix's mission was a better success". "Inside" The man said, beckoning Felix into the base. Felix followed, leaving Brooks and Anderson behind. The General led him through a deserted lobby and up a flight of stairs until he stopped at a door on the left of a hallway. He pushed it open revealing a large room with screens panneling the walls. Inside were 4 soldiers, an officer and another high ranking man. The General sat down at a desk at the front of the room and pulled out a chair for Felix. Sitting down, Felix opened his bag without having to be asked. He pulled out all the papers and files before handing them to the General who excamined them for a minute. 

"Good work" He said. The General beckoned the other high ranking officer to sit down with them. 

"You recognise this place?" He said as he slid the sheet with the building to the man. The man picked it up and began darting his eyes from one part of the sheet to the other. 

"As a matter of fact I do" He said in a deep voice as he lifted his eyes from the sheet, "Thats a set of apartments in Tiberias Israel" The General took the sheet back from him.

"What the fuck does Bizon want there?" He muttered to himself. "Get a translater" He ordered the Officer before turning back to Felix.

"Conor 'Felix' Johnson, am I right?" He asked him.

"Thats right sir" Felix answered. The General nodded and turned back to the other sheets. A minute later the door opened again and the officer came back, followed by an Asian soldier. The General handed the sheet to the soldier  who looked at it for a few moments before turning back to him. 

"Read it out. All of it." The General ordered him. 

The soldier cleared his throught and began to talk; "Floor 4, 10 hostages, 3 squads taking part. Intel hand outs taking place 8:00 and 11:00 am on the 23rd of May in the shanty house by the trashcans, cordinates follow: 058-4500-009-924"

The General stared at the cealing before checking his watch.

"We got 35 minutes" He breathed.

30 minutes later, Chenghu

"Nearly there!" The captain shouted through the radio as Team 1 landed by the post office. The helicopter took off again and drifted through the air towards the high rise apartments. Harper reloaded his HK417 before following the captain behind the buildings. People screamed as they ran foward towards the target building. They stopped behind a shed and, as Harper's charge exploded, ran in; there was nobody there except another soldier. The squad burst out again and ran made their way down the street. The coporal empted his PWD's mag into a dustbin to scare off the civilians before regrouping with the squad.

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