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Call of dutymw2-like a baws

Day 5, 2016 / 19:57:13 Washington, D.C, USAEdit

Ranger: So when are we goin' to Moscow?

Cpl. Dunn: Not soon enough, man. But I know we're gonna burn it down when we get there.

Sgt. Foley: When the time is right, Corporal. When the time is right.

Nothing but smoke and the burning ruins of the capital could be seen for miles. Flying over head were rescue helicopters carrying the wounded back to the "safe zone". Sgt. Foley and his team soon followed the trail of scattered military units. The casualties among them produced a sense of hoplessness, but at the same time they knew they had to keep fighting to protect their homeland. As suggested by radio chatter Foley over heard, him and his team rushed to Point Alpha, two clicks southwest of D.C, to be briefed on the state of the president.

The scene was crowed with the sounds of cries over those lost in combat, the high ranking officers trying to carry out orders, and radios producing white noise due to interference. The team soon ran into General McKinley whom was in charge of operation at Point Alpha.

"General McKinley. I'm running things around here until we can get things back and running again."

"Nice to meet you general. I'm Sargent Foley and this is my team Corporal Dunn and Private Ramirez. I heard there's a state of emergency concerning the president."

"Yeah. It ain't to pretty. The president's hellicopter was hit by the EMP just north of Atlanta. I'm setting up a search and rescue team to secure his location."

"Well Is there anything we can do?"

"Yes. Follow me."

They then left toward a make-shift heli pad near the center of the complex. Along the way a young soilder, no more than 19 years of age, grabbed Dunn's leg and started pleading in tears.

" Please. I don't wanna die.."

He soon started choking on his own blood and his friend began yelling for a medic. Dunn was looking down into the now deceased privates eyes and couldn't help shedding a tear. They got the blackbird ready and looked back at the chaos one last time. Echoes of the dying and the mourning rung through their ears.

"Take us to Fort Collins they have transport to Atlanta." commanded McKinley.

The blades of the helicopter faded off into the ash and rubble.


Day 6, 2016 / 06:27:08 Gainesville, Georgia, USAEdit

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