Robert Moseley
David Strathairn
Vital statistics
Title Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (current), Associate Director for Military Affairs (previously)
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction Unites States Government, Central Intelligence Agency
Status Alive

Robert Moseley is a government official that appears in Neil Blomkamp's Modern Warfare film trilogy, first being introduced in Modern Warfare 2. He is portrayed by David Strathairn.

Moseley is a high-ranking member of the CIA; during the Conflict in Saudi Arabia and the beginning of the Second Russian Civil War, he held the title of Associate Director for Military Affairs and worked closely with Defense Secretary William Cullen in overseeing the operation to bring down Imran Zakhaev, as well as co-authorizing General Shepherd's request to create Task Force 141. By 2016, Moseley had become Director of the CIA and collaborated with Shepherd in the 141's operation to recover the downed ACS module in Kazakhastan and Joseph Allen's deep cover operation in Russia.

He is unknowingly used as Shepherd's pawn in Shepherd's plan to gain revenge on Russia, as Shepherd convinces him to make Captains Price and MacTavish wanted by the CIA. By the time that World War III has broken out, he provides intel to Team Metal and Hunter 2-1, and personally reinstates Task Force 141 after realizing Shepherd's true agenda and after Captain Price and Yuri Andohov rescue President Vorshevsky.

Modern Warfare 2Edit

Modern Warfare 3Edit

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