Ruger MP9
Ruger MP9


Magazine Size

20 rounds

Unlocked at

Level 4

Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition


Reload Time

1.6 seconds

Rate of Fire

800 rounds per minute


20-25 meters





Fire Mode


Used by


The Ruger MP9 is a machine pistol used by the USMC in Danger Close: Art of War, the gun is usable in Campaign and in Multiplayer and it's only seen in the US campaign.


"Built in the 1980's, the Ruger MP9 is a variant of the Uzi, which was also designed by the MP9's designer, Uziel Gal. The MP9 hasn't seen widespread use in the US Military like the M4A1 or M9 have, but it's still quite popular among police forces in the USA."
―In-Game description


In Singleplayer this weapon is only available in the following levels: Red Devil, Strike at Fallujah and Burning City. The player, Sam Fordson, uses in on Burning City as a starting weapon. The MP9 is used by Sgt. Ron Mill and Pvt. McDonnell in Dark as their secondary weapons. A gold-plated MP9 is seen on a supply crate in At the Gates, the player's current weapon can be traded for his MP9.


It is unlocked on Multiplayer at level 4, along with the Machine Pistol class. The Ruger MP9 is quite popular amongst low ranks because of its high fire rate and moderate recoil. The MP9 can be equipped with extended mags, increasing the ammo capacity to 32 rounds, it can also be equipped with FMJ which will greatly increase its range and penetration, hollow point bullets will increase damage but will also increase recoil.

The Ruger MP9 is best equipped with a semiautomatic weapon or a long-range weapon, the MP9 will complement a sniper rifle or other long-range semiauto weapon.

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