This fan fic is in vietnam and based on a spec ops task force that originates in WW2. To help make ideas, go to my blog(bence67's)


Name: Major Tord "Misha" Scully

Weapons: CAR-15, M1911A1

Role: Team leader

Faction: SOG, USMC, KMZ, TF145

Name: First Lieutenant Nikitin "Purple" Reznov

AKS-74U, Makarov PMM

Role: Second in charge

Faction: Spetsnaz, KMZ, TF145

Name: First Seargent Mitch "Yank" Dunn

Weapons: M16A1, M14, and Colt M1911A1

Role: Thrid in charge

Faction: SAS, SOG, USMC, KMZ, TF145

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