Samuel John Fordson
Date of Birth

June 11th, 1990

Date of Death







91 kg.

Hair color


Eye color




Blood Type



US Marine






Saxon 1-3


Sam, Switchblade Sam


M16A4, Colt M1911A1, any weapon picked in Campaign


2016 War on MERC Uprising, World War IV


USMC 1st Recon Battalion


"If it wasn't for this Al-Namir guy, we wouldn't have a salary."
―Fordson, seconds before the landing on Tunis to Mike McDonnell.

Private Samuel John Fordson is a playable character and main protagonist of the US Campaign in Danger Close: Art of War. He is voiced by Keith David.

Fordson is member of the USMC Force Recon "Sand" Company led by Captain Jonathan Islington, and is part of Saxon squad, led by Sergeant Ronald Mill. His main weapon appears to be the M16A4.


Early Life

According to his in-game bio, he was born in Richmond, Virginia on 1990. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2014, being drafted into the conflict against the MERC in 2015.


Pvt. Sam Fordson is a US Marine serving under the command of Cpt. Islington, leader of Sand Company. Pvt. Fordson is first deployed in Tunis to wipe out the MERC unit in Africa, and then leading an attack against MERC forces in Armenia. Pvt. Fordson is later sent to Iraq, Kurdistan and Iran in an effort against the Middle Eastern Rebel Coalition.

His CO, Captain Islington, is briefly injured while fighting the MERC in an effort to save the crew of a downed UH-1Y Venom in Fallujah, Iraq. Islington is replaced by another Marine captain, Captain Shawcross, who is disliked by Fordson and his squadmates, being described by him as a "gloryhound", who "could not care less for his soldiers".

During an assault on the MERC HQ in Azerbaijan, Fordson's team encounters Iranian Military forces. His CO, Shawcross, orders his Marines to attack. Fordson opposes his idea, as Iran is a neutral country in the conflict and the Iranians outnumber them 10 to one, but Shawcross believes the Iranians are working with the MERC. In the end, the Marines succeed on defeating the IRIA, but most of the Marine company is killed, and one of Fordson's squadmates, Pvt. Zayden Johns, is killed by an F-14 Tomcat strike. It is later revealed that Iran was also pursuing to secure the MERC leader and never sought to engage American forces.

Following the raid on the MERC HQ, Fordson and his squad are sent back to the US for two years, returning to fight in North Korea on 2017.

Months after the incident, the Marines are sent to North Korea to support a US attack on North Korea. Being aided by the Marine 3rd Tank Battalion, Fordson's team assaults what is suspected to be a North Korean ICBM launch site along the Taedong River. Once in the suspected launch site, it is revealed the "missiles" were cardboard props, and the missiles were nowhere to be found, sparking an argument between US troops and Cpt. Shawcross. In the amidst of the argument, KPA special forces storm the compound, giving Fordson an opportunity to kill Shawcross without being noticed. Fordson shoots Shawcross, and the KPA special forces are pushed away.

Days after Shawcross' demise, Captain Islington recovers and is once again made commander of "Sand" company. Fordson partakes in an assault in the outskirts of Pyongyang to eliminate the last line of defense before Pyongyang. During the attack, Fordson and his squad commandeer a Dune Buggy with him at the wheel, and make a daring strike against KPA artillery positions along the Taedong River. With this attack, the last line of defense is neutralised and the Marines penetrate into the North Korean capital.

Fordson's squad arrives at Pyongyang and participates on one final assault against the Kim Il-Sung Mausoleum. Fordson's company breaches into the Mausoleum and fight the last KPA resistance in the city, encircling the last KPA around the Mausoleum. Sand company enters the Mausoleum, and the Marines surround the remains of the KPA. It is during this moment, that the North Korean High Command surrenders, and the last KPA forces surrender.

Personality & Traits

Fordson is described as a responsible and ethical man with a strict moral code. He is regarded as a man devoted to the welfare of his fellow Marines, and will often put himself in situations of risk before his fellow Marines.

Fordson has a strict code of honour for himself and is prone to disobey orders he deems immoral or unethical, challenging Captain Shawcross in numerous occasions, as seen in the mission Liberators, where he refuses to follow Shawcross' order to attack the Iranian forces, and even insults Shawcross.

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