Old Harnett High School Building 400

Schoolgrounds is a map for the multiplayer mode of Blackout and takes place in the buildings and grounds of a rural High School in Michigan. As with all maps and campaign set pieces in the game the environments are fully destructible and can be used to deny access or even kill your opposition.

The larger High School building has two floors and an elevator while the smaller Junior High has a skylight that can be used as high ground. Outside the grounds consist of a parking lot and basketball courts, the entire perimeter of the map is lined with a minefield. The map is large and is perfect for large team based games.


Players: 16-32

Ideal Modes: TDM, Espionage, and VIP

Mounted Weapons: KPV, Mk.19, and M2HB


Delta Force 1st SOF-D

American Liberation Movement (ALM) aka Militia

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