Scorpion in the mission "Infiltration"

Scorpion (Callsign Metal Zero 5), was a new recruit of the Delta Force team Metal. He assisted Grinch and Frost on the Mission "Infiltration". The objective was to find info for Overlord about Makarov. Grinch, Scorpion, and Frost were parachuted from an Osprey to a small Russian compound. While setting up the DSM, Scorpion was shot in the head by Makarov and died, which meant Grinch and Frost had to continue the mission.

Rank: Private First Class

Affiliations: Delta Force, Metal Squad

DOB: 5/6/90

POB: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Age: 28

Status: KIA

Killed By: Makarov

Death: October 6th, 2018

Place of Death: Russian Compund, North of Caucasus Mountains
Weapons: M4A1 Hybrid Sight, M134 Minigun, G18 Suppressed, M14 EBR Scoped Suppressed, RSASS Thermal Suppressed


  • He uses the G18, which is a enemy gun.
  • He seems to be nervous, as when he is in the Osprey he was sweating
  • He and Frost were best friends in high school.
  • Scorpion is the only member of Metal to not meet the entire team.
  • According to his profile in the cutscene, he used to be a AC-130 Pilot, which is why he knew all about the Osprey at the beginning.
  • He apparently does not know how to use guns well, considering the fact Grinch had to fix his gun when it jammed.
  • It's a little odd that Scorpion was killed by a Skorpion.

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