Scott Petterson during a trining op

Scott Petterson is a Special Forces operator. He officially does not exists, and he hasn't been nowhere. "Unofficially", he has accomplished several black and white operations all around the world

Early lifeEdit

Scott Petterson was born on an International flight from New York to London, so he can be branded with American-British Nationality.

Son of Mary and John Petterson, he was raised in the City, attending to the best collegues posible. He was top student, specially at math and physics, something he usually bragged about in a joking tone.

When he finished High School, he joined the military, contradicting his father, who wanted him to study Medicine or Law. Scott enlisted for Afghanistan and had his first tour after finishing Combat School.

First Combat SituationEdit

When on his first tour, Petterson had his first combat experience while on the first week of deployment. His company was tasked with seizing a village from the hands of the Taliban.

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