Secret Ops is a game were you follow Camander Jake of the K.S.A as he hunts down his brian washers, tries to kill Sargent Freckles, and blow up a zombie creation facility. It is also takes place after Modern Warfare 3


Act 1


A man walks into the room. He puts a tube of Jake's face. Suddenly things go gray. When he gets up the man is gone. He hears somone say the brain wash was sucsesful.

Mission 1 Escape

Jake wakes up. There is a man standing above you. "We are hear to help you. My name is Will." he says. He gives Jake a AK-47. They walk out to find men in green with guns. A fight emits. Once it is over you run out of the hal and find a nucalar cargo storage room. The Delta Force meets you there. Frost says "Price and Nikoli are coming. Lets go." "Anyone else we'll meet on the boat?" Will asks. Privat Nan answers "Prices old master."

5 minutes

"Ahh!" yells Frost as the IED blows up killing the newest Delta Force members. Mcalian comes from the shadows. Frost runs ,but is shot. Jake are the only one that is ready to shoot. Jake has to shoot him withen 40 seconds. Will says "Camander lets go." You walk into the helecopter.

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