Christopher Collins
Nickname(s) Firefox
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Alpha Squad 72
Status MIA
Birth April 13, 1996
Death Unknown
Weapon ACR, UMP45

Sgt. Christopher Collins is a member of Alpha Squad 72. He is secound in command. His countersign is Firefox.

Before Alpha SquadEdit

Christopher Collins was born in 1996 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Before entering Alpha Squad 72, he took part in the battle of Boston in 2017. Where he almost got shot by an enemy sniper. The bullet hit his ACR destroying it but it saved his life. After the attack of Boston, he was determined to take revenge on the Argentine invaders. He then later joined Alpha Squad 72.


After the capture of Corporal Steven Hodges during the battle of Bolivia, him and his other squadmates went out to try and rescue him. But after losing connection with his squad due to radar jammers in the area, he went MIA with the rest of his team. He and his team is presumed dead, but is currently MIA.

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