Sergei Tarkovsky
Nationality Russia
Gender Male
Birth 1/31/1969
Status Alive
Weapon AKMS-47 (U.S.S.R) Colt Python .357

Sergei Tarkovsky, is the main antagonist of Call of Duty: Come Out Fighting.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

He was born to a family four on the last day of January, 1969. His parents worked very hard for him and his brothers and he vowed that he would betray them. But one month after his 18th birth-day, he changed his loyalty to Communism, leaveing his family behind.

Fall of CommunismEdit

When Communism fell, he lefted Russia because he was so loyal too them so much. Six months latter, he started helping the Middle East, China, locathions around the North Koren borader, and the Black Market with Left-Wing ideas.

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