Silent Strike is the fifth fanfiction by JerryWiffleWaffle.


The year is 2020, and World War III has been cut short. Why? Russia has taken over 95% of the world. That's why. Because of the bombings on June 19, 2019, Russia has conquered most of the world, leaving little pockets of the United Nations left, scavenging to rebuild themselves. As Russia prepares to deplete the rest of its enemy, resistance fighters in the United States form groups to try and defeat Russia with one small strike at a time, even if it means death.



Please note that all squads named here will not be directly included into the storyline, but will be referenced to multiple times.

Resistance Sierra (Main Group)

  • Captain Patrick Clooney
  • Lieutenant Samantha Hayes
  • Sergeant Tony Ferrari
  • Sergeant Luke O'Neill
  • Sergeant Daniel Berelli

Resistance Tango (Side Group)

  • Staff Captain Jacob Elsen
  • Captain Mark Heely
  • Lieutenant Shane Connery
  • Lieutenant Tristan Powell
  • Gunnery Sergeant Elsa Fuentes

Resistance Romeo (Side Group)

  • First Lieutenant Hunter Reegan
  • Lieutenant Isaac Ford
  • Master Sergeant Megan O'Conner
  • Master Sergeant Kyle Sherman
  • Gunner Sergeant William Hamm

Resistance India (Side Group)

  • Lieutenant Steve Taun
  • Master Sergeant Christopher Miller
  • Sergeant Anders Gillan
  • Sergeant Kelly Ashon
  • Sergeant Drake Rover

Resistance Kilo (Side Group)

  • Captain Ashley Thompson
  • Lieutenant Zach Morris
  • Lieutenant Samuel Garvey
  • Sergeant Brendan Chou
  • Sergeant Ken Williamson

Resistance Echo (Side Group)

  • Lieutenant Alex Edith
  • Lieutenant Nicholas Markey
  • Master Sergeant Johnathan Gates
  • Master Sergeant Leon Masters
  • Sergeant Anthony Orwell

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