This is the introduction to the series, Silent Strike. It is not an actual chapter, but gives a more in-depth background on the series. By JerryWiffleWaffle.



In early 2019, the United Nations had gained the upper hand against Russia at the height of World War III, until Russia was out of options on how to defeat their enemy. They were backed all the way into Siberia, where the United Nations had tried to stay away from.

It wasn't until June 10th, 2019 for Russian prime minister, Nikita Sashov, to devise a plan on how to defeat UN forces around their area. This plan wasn't the completely fool-proof, yet it wasn't something anyone could have thought of. The plan was to bomb the UN terrtiory all around Russia and in the United States, where the UN was strongest. They fired the first bombs on June 19, 2019 near Kazakhstan and Mongolia, almost instantly conquering the UN forces there, and went for more powerful UN countries after

New World LeadershipEdit

By June 30, 2019, Russia had recaptured most of what they had claimed earlier in the same year. They moved on to the United States and successfully depleted most UN forces. These forces were in small groups, and created alliances, known as Resistance groups, to try and throw Russia out of the U.S. Silent Strike focuses on a Resistance branch in California, where a UN headquarters was built in 2018, and was the most popular in the world.

Present DayEdit

As the fight to kick Russian forces out of the United States continue, more and more Resistance groups start disappearing, due to lack of equipment and soldiers. These resistance groups are made up of former soldiers, present soldiers, UN officials, or anyone they can find.

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