Simon "Shift" Doc
Affilations: Civilian
Weapons: Pocket Knife, AK-90 any weapon picked up
Appears in: Call of Duty: Green Zone

Early LifeEdit

Simon was born in 2025 and was highly educated child and came from a wealthy family. In 2026 his dad died during service and a deep depresion came on her mum. Then in 2031 his mum died of a unknown disease.                  

Call of Duty: Green ZoneEdit

Simon was travelling on a train in the mission "Revival of the Axis ally" when Japan invades Toronto, Canada to get natrul resources. When the train got hit by missles he was the only survivor. With no connection on his cell phone he kills a Japenese Marine and takes his AK-90 and despretly battls his way to Toronto Tower before fainting after a tank shell nearly killed him. Fourtunely he was found by combat medics and evac'ed to toronto tower. During te journey he sees visions of his mum sick in her bed. After waking up and medics ensuring he's fine Simon explores the place and defends from a breach on the bottom floor and top floor with some sniping after taking a brief tutorial on Sniping with other people. After a U.S. Avenger Drone formation bombs the attacking army the mission ends.


  • When picking up the AK-90, after assasinating the soldier in the train, Simon will say: "A gun, whoa! "
  • If he picks up the M4A2 he will say " I wonder if the marines still use M16s? "

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