snowy places


operation sun


the finale


SGTFC funco




erich mercenaries/RTA


unknown city swiss near border of germany


feb 24 2039 ( 1 hour after operation sun )

walkthrough Edit

you in the helicopter you landed in the heliport of the HQ defend the place until 1minute. then go the door open it find the rooms to find john erich then the hallway is full with mercenaries secure it and go downstair .the 5th floor is destroyed walk to debris kill all and RTA helicopter is start shooting find the rocket launcher and destroy it . then go down find john erich and secure the parking lot and the T90 tank is there destroy it . the reinforcements is coming manned the machinegun nest and destroy the trucks and APC .then the T90 tank destroy the machinegun nest get the  rocket launcher and destroy it . then go to the  erich car then you find it .its gone the intel said "there in LA they wanted to destroy with there H5N1". then the one of erich merc captures you then theres your sister kill your sister or the member .if you kill the member she's alive and SGT SIG will help you then run to the helicopter and your mission is complete .

characters Edit

SGTFC funco 


SGT elle

CAPT FAL KIA/alive ( player determined )


.defend the heliport until more reinforcements arrive 

.find (5x) rooms to kill john erich 

.secure the hallway 

.kill all enemies in the reception area 

.secure the parking lot and destroy (2x) T90 

.go to john erich car 


weapons Edit




trivia Edit

.the enemy weapon loadout from Operation sun but with sniper

.the models of RTA are from TF141 in MW2 

.erich mercenaries is high trained and prepared said by SIG 

.if you killed your sister she will not present in new york carbombing 

.FAL wearing an different camoflauge 

.the starting its says the border of swiss-german border are in the city 

.the city has no billboards

.the USMC models are from Operation heaven

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